ADC Grand Finale Rally on November 8, 2023, Cancelled in Favor of Door-to-Door Campaign: A Strategic Shift in Kogi Politics

In a surprising turn of events, the Leke/Omede campaign for the ADC Governorship in Kogi State has decided to cancel its Grand Finale Rally scheduled for November 8, 2023. This unexpected move comes as a strategic decision to shift the campaign’s focus towards an intensive and aggressive door-to-door outreach to the people of Kogi State.

The announcement of the rally’s cancellation was made through an official statement by Chief Shola Adebola Samuel, the Chief Spokesperson for The Leke/Omede campaign. In his statement, Chief Samuel articulated the campaign’s reasoning for this abrupt change in plans, emphasizing the importance of connecting with the electorate on a more personal level.

The decision to cancel the grand rally is not a retreat but a repositioning of campaign efforts. It reflects the campaign’s commitment to engaging with voters in a more direct and meaningful way. Instead of the grandeur of a large rally, Leke/Omede’s team will be focusing on knocking on doors, listening to people’s concerns, and addressing them individually.

In his message, Chief Shola Samuel called upon Leke Omede, party executives, coordinators, and stalwarts to intensify their efforts in the door-to-door campaign. He urged them to “put on our work garment” and rally their efforts to ensure that Leke/Omede’s message reaches every corner of Kogi State. The new election date, set for November 11, 2023, gives the campaign additional time to make a compelling case to the voters.

Chief Shola Samuel’s words encapsulate the campaign’s commitment to unity, growth, and development for Kogi State. He stated, “A win for ADC, Leke/Omede is a win for everyone and total turnaround for unity, growth, and development of Kogi State.” This message underscores the belief that a victory for the ADC will bring positive change and progress to the state.

The decision to cancel the Grand Finale Rally and opt for a door-to-door campaign is a bold and innovative move in the realm of political campaigning. It shows a willingness to adapt and embrace a more personal and direct approach to engage with voters. This strategy shift could mark a significant turning point in the Kogi State gubernatorial race.

As the campaign intensifies its efforts in this new direction, the focus will be on reaching out to voters individually and addressing their specific concerns. The success of this approach may set a new precedent for political campaigns in the region, prioritizing personalized engagement with the electorate.

In conclusion, the cancellation of the ADC Grand Finale Rally on November 8, 2023, in favor of an intensive door-to-door campaign signals a remarkable shift in Kogi politics. It showcases the campaign’s dedication to grassroots engagement and a fresh approach to politics in the state. The results of this strategic decision will be closely watched by political enthusiasts in Kogi State and beyond as they eagerly await the outcome of the upcoming election on November 11, 2023.

Mrs Onu Joy
Leke/Omede Campaign Council

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