Egbeda Okedayo ward in Kogi State experienced a remarkable political event earlier this evening on behalf of Hon. Taofik Isah, who serves as the Ijumu Executive Chairman and also holds the prestigious position of ALGON Chairman for Kogi State and Hon. Funsho Olumoko, the Director-General of Kogi West, and Hon. Richard Osaseyi, who serves as the Director-General of the campaign council for Ijumu are glad for this movement . Hon. Mayowa Idris, a respected figure in the region, took the stage to enlighten his people on the importance of voting massively for the Ododo/Joel ticket. With unwavering enthusiasm and dedication, Hon. Mayowa Idris shared his vision for a brighter future for the ward and the key role the upcoming elections play in achieving it.

Hon. Mayowa Idris, who is known for his tireless commitment to the betterment of his community, made The gathering took place at his compound, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for attendees. It was a diverse assembly with old mothers and fathers in attendance, alongside the energetic and vibrant youth population of the ward. The unity and support shown by the community members demonstrated their unwavering commitment to the cause and the leaders who champion it.

Hon. Mayowa Idris emphasized the significance of the Ododo/Joel victory, expressing how pivotal it is for the ward’s progress. He stated, “I want you to know that the Ododo/Joel victory is very important to us. We would meet the electorate at the grassroots level for voters’ education, sensitization, and rally mobilization. We have made up our minds that we will not sleep until we see our victory come 11/11/2023.” His words echoed the resolute determination to bring about positive change in the region.

Continuing, Hon. Mayowa Idris outlined his strategy to secure victory in the upcoming elections. He announced that his team would embark on a House-to-House mobilization campaign, ensuring that the Ododo Ahmed Usman ticket is wholeheartedly endorsed by the people of Egbeda Okedayo ward when they head to the polls on 11/11/2023.

The event served as a powerful reminder of the impact of grassroots politics and community engagement. Hon. Mayowa Idris and the esteemed guests at the gathering demonstrated their commitment to the welfare and development of Egbeda Okedayo ward. With their unwavering support for the Ododo/Joel ticket and the tireless efforts to mobilize voters, it is evident that the future holds promise for this vibrant community in Kogi State. The unity and determination showcased in Onah Quarters are a testament to the resilience and spirit of the people who call this ward home, and it sets the stage for a brighter and more prosperous future.

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