The Action Alliance governorship candidate, Otunba Olayinka Braimoh, yesterday took his campaign to the Ajaka community in Igalamela-Odolu local government area of Kogi state. During his visit, Braimoh gave insight into his vision of wealth creation and distribution through the STAT agenda, which stands for Solid mineral, Tourism, Agriculture and Trade. His goal was to ensure that his supporters understood his plan on how he intends to lift Kogi out of poverty and the reasons they should vote for his vision.

In a turn of events, Braimoh also paid a visit to the Etemahi Igalamela, HRH Chief Abel Emakoji Etu. In his visit, Braimoh received a warm welcome from the traditional ruler who commended him for his dedication and vision, stating that he believes in Braimoh’s brilliant capacity to bring positive change to kogi state. He expressed his heartfelt joy for the AA candidate and urged the supporters to be polite in their campaigns just as their principal has brilliantly demonstrated in his plans for the State.

Braimoh’s campaign strategy demonstrates his understanding of the importance of engaging with local leaders and the wider community. By taking the time to meet with the Etemahi Igalamela, he shows respect for traditional leadership and recognises his roles in the development and progress of the community.

His visit to the Ajaka community also highlights his focus on wealth creation and distribution through his STAT agenda to ensure that economic growth is inclusive and benefits all residents of Kogi. By sharing his vision with his supporters, he plans to build trust and garner their support in transforming the state’s economy.

Braimoh’s capacity to occupy the governor’s seat is evident in his thorough understanding of the challenges faced by the state and his well-thought-out plans to address them. His commitment to engaging with communities and leaders shows his dedication to inclusive governance and collaborative decision-making.

As the election approaches, Braimoh’s visit to the Etemahi Igalamela and the Ajaka community serves as a reminder of his vision and his ability to bring positive change to Kogi state. With his commitment to wealth creation and distribution, he offers a promising future.

~ Painter of the Sky

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