Olayinka Braimoh, the governorship candidate for the Action Alliance , yesterday arrived in Ankpa, in company of his deputy, Alh. Tijani Yahaya Imam. The warm reception and the presence of his supporters at the event indicate that Braimoh has gained the full support of his Ankpa supporters for the upcoming governorship election in Kogi state.

During his visit, Braimoh took the opportunity to explain his STAT agenda to the residents of Ankpa. The STAT agenda, which stands for Solid mineral, Tourism, Agriculture, and Trade, outlines his plans and vision for the development of Kogi state. Braimoh highlighted the importance of creating wealth to promote economic growth through agricultural initiatives, and harnessing the potential of the tourism sector to bring prosperity to the state.

Braimoh’s visit to Ankpa and his engagement with the residents demonstrated his commitment to understanding and addressing the specific needs and concerns of the community. By gaining the support of his Ankpa supporters, Braimoh has strengthened his chances of winning the governorship election scheduled for November 11.

With his STAT agenda and the backing of his Ankpa supporters, Braimoh is optimistic about his chances of emerging victorious in the upcoming election. His visit to Ankpa not only showcased his acceptance but also provided him with an opportunity to connect with the residents and gain their trust.

As the election day approaches, Braimoh’s focus will be on further consolidating his support base and reaching out to voters across Kogi state. His visit to Ankpa serves as a testament to his determination and dedication to serving the people, and he believes that his vision for the state will resonate with voters and ultimately lead him to victory.

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