The Idah Local Government in Kogi state yesterday witnessed a remarkable gathering of mammoth crowd expressing their unwavering support for Olayinka Braimoh, the candidate of Action Alliance.
The event, which took place in the heart of Igala land, where Idah Local Government is situated also saw a massive defection of supporters from the All Progressives Congress (APC) to the Action Alliance, as they joined forces with the Action Alliance, to ensure the victory of Braimoh in the upcoming November 11th Kogi governorship election.

The Igala people, who are the dominant ethnic group in the area, turned out en masse to demonstrate their readiness to vote for Braimoh and ensure his victory, come November 11, 2023. The overwhelming support shown by the locals reflects their belief in Braimoh’s ability to lead and make a positive impact in their community.

The defection of APC supporters to the Action Alliance further strengthens Braimoh’s chances of success in the upcoming election. It is an indication that the people of Idah Local Government are aligning themselves with the vision and agenda of Olayinka Braimoh, as they seek a change in leadership and governance in Kogi state.

In addition to the massive show of support, Braimoh also paid a courtesy visit to the Attah of Igala palace, seeking the second blessing from the revered traditional ruler. This visit marked the second time Braimoh had sought the Attah’s blessing, emphasizing the importance he places on the traditional and cultural values of the Igala people.

The Attah of Igala, a highly respected figure, holds significant influence over the people of Igala land. By seeking his blessings, Braimoh is not only showing respect for the traditions of the Igala people but also aiming to garner their trust and support.

The turnout of the mammoth crowd and the visit to the Attah of Igala palace highlight the growing popularity and acceptance of Braimoh as a visionary candidate. The people of Idah Local Government are eager to see positive change in their community and believe that Braimoh is the right person to bring about that change.

As the November 11 election approaches, Braimoh will undoubtedly benefit from the overwhelming support he has received in Idah Local Government. The people’s readiness to vote and ensure his victory demonstrates their trust in his leadership and their desire for a brighter future for their community.

~ Painter of the Sky

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