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Hon. Salman Idris Honors Iyara Community with an ICT Center

In a significant step towards promoting educational development in Kogi State, Honourable Salman Idris, the representative of Kabba-Bunu/Ijumu Federal Constituency in the lower chamber of the national assembly, has generously donated a fully equipped ICT center to Anglican Secondary School in Iyara, a town located in the Ijumu Local Government area. This philanthropic gesture reflects not only the commitment of the Honourable member but also his party, the African Democratic Congress (ADC), to bolstering educational opportunities for the youth.

The momentous occasion took place during the 29th edition of Iyara Day, a cherished community event that celebrates unity, progress, and growth. Honourable Salman Idris, in his address at the event, underscored the pivotal role of education in the development of a community. He stated that educational advancement stands as one of the core objectives of the ADC, and his commitment to this cause was evident in the party’s payment of WAEC (West African Examinations Council) fees for all the students in SS3 earlier in the year. Additionally, he revealed that preparations were underway to ensure that another round of WAEC fees would be covered by the party. This commitment to relieving the educational burdens of the youth is a testament to the Honourable member’s dedication to the future of Kogi State.

Honourable Salman Idris also seized the opportunity to express his gratitude to the people of Ijumu for their overwhelming support, which enabled him to represent their interests in the national assembly. He made a solemn promise to diligently uphold the trust and mandate bestowed upon him by his constituents, focusing on measures that will enhance their well-being and the progress of the community.

The ICT center, a cornerstone of this educational initiative, was generously equipped with essential resources to ensure its functionality and effectiveness. The donation included 15 sets of computers, 15 tables and chairs, a solar power system with 16 batteries to guarantee uninterrupted power supply, a 3.5KVA generator as a backup power source, as well as scanners and binders. These tools will undoubtedly enhance the educational experience for students in Iyara, providing them with access to digital learning resources and the skills needed for the modern world.

Hon. Salman Idris, who also played the role of the chief launcher during the event, further demonstrated his commitment by donating the sum of five hundred thousand naira to support the organizers of the program. This generous contribution will not only aid in the success of Iyara Day but also contribute to the broader community development efforts in the region.

The donation of the ICT center and the ongoing commitment to educational advancement by Honourable Salman Idris and the ADC are indeed commendable. They symbolize a broader vision for a better-educated and prosperous Kogi State, where the youth can access the tools and opportunities they need to succeed. The significance of this gesture extends beyond the walls of the school and is a testament to the enduring commitment to the betterment of the community.

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