In a spectacular show of political strength and unity, Hon. Ayodeji Ajayi, affectionately known as AJAF, recently orchestrated a grand campaign rally for the African Democratic Congress (ADC) in support of the esteemed Elder Leke Abejide’s bid for the 2023 elections. The rally, held in Kabba Bunu Local Government, was a resounding testament to the growing momentum and support that Elder Leke Abejide has garnered in his quest for the gubernatorial race in Kogi State.

The campaign kick-started at the ADC party secretariat, where party loyalists, supporters, and members gathered in anticipation of a memorable event. With the vibrant energy that has become synonymous with AJAF’s campaign style, the entourage ventured throughout the heart of the town, including the bustling Kabba market. The rally’s reach extended to the people, where enthusiastic voices echoed their commitment to the ADC’s cause.

Hon. Ayodeji Ajayi, in a heartfelt expression of gratitude, extended his appreciation to the party faithful and the members of his campaign team for their dedication and the overwhelming turnout at the mega ADC campaign rally in Kabba. The sheer number of supporters present on this remarkable day was a testament to the community’s endorsement of the ADC’s vision for Kogi State.

The passion and optimism in the atmosphere were palpable. AJAF, visibly elated by the unprecedented turnout, conveyed his profound satisfaction at the mammoth crowd that had assembled to endorse Elder Leke Abejide’s gubernatorial aspirations. He saw this remarkable rally as an early indication that November 11th, the election day, would serve as a resounding affirmation of the ADC Governorship Candidate’s suitability for the job.

During a press address at the rally, AJAF made it clear that Elder Leke Abejide stands out as the most viable and marketable candidate for the upcoming gubernatorial election in Kogi State. He highlighted the candidate’s experience, leadership qualities, and commitment to the welfare of the people as reasons for this assertion. In a time of heightened political competition, it’s clear that Elder Leke Abejide embodies the kind of leadership that Kogi State needs to progress and prosper.

In closing, Hon. Ayodeji Ajayi, AJAF, passionately called upon all ADC members, loyalists, supporters, and indeed all well-meaning citizens of Kogi State to unite and turn out in large numbers on 11/11/2023. Their vote, he asserted, would be a resounding endorsement of the people’s candidate, Elder Leke Abejide. With the spirit and enthusiasm witnessed at the mega ADC campaign rally, it is evident that the people are poised to exercise their democratic right and voice their confidence in a brighter future for Kogi State under the leadership of Elder Leke Abejide.

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