In a heartwarming and remarkable display of community unity, Aliyu Badaki, the National President of the Iyara Development Association (IDA), welcomed a gathering of distinguished individuals to the 2023 Iyara Cultural Day. Despite the demands of their busy schedules and the prevailing economic challenges, these esteemed guests chose to participate in this event, underlining an exceptional expression of love and dedication to their community.

The 2023 Iyara Cultural Day, an annual celebration, serves the dual purpose of honoring Iyara’s rich cultural heritage and raising essential funds for various development initiatives. President Badaki, in a passionate address, acknowledged that the government cannot bear the full burden of community development. He made a resounding commitment to raising an impressive ₦25,000,000 dedicated to community development, stressing the need for collective efforts to complement government initiatives. This commitment reflects the community’s strong determination to drive positive change.

Iyara, renowned for its tranquility and hospitality, has always been considered a haven of harmony. President Badaki extended his heartfelt gratitude to all those who contributed to making the event possible, from the Kabiyesis led by the Olujumu of Ijumu kingdom, to the IDA Trustees, Branches, committees, Gbarufus, women, youth, students Union, Alaga Adugbo, spiritual leaders, clubs, associations, various security agencies, and countless others who played a vital role in the organization of this significant event.

Adding to the sense of unity, Oba (Engr) Jacob B. Meduteni Omo-Abo XIII Eleta Oluyara, the Kabiyesi, expressed his deep appreciation to all the chiefs and Iyara elites who ensured a smooth and harmonious ascension to the throne. Recognizing the aspirations and ambitions of the contestants, he called for understanding and urged everyone to set aside past issues, prioritizing peace, coexistence, and continuous interaction within the community.

As the 2023 Iyara Cultural Day begins, the entire community eagerly anticipates a day filled with folklore, traditions, and celebration. There is a strong belief that this remarkable display of unity and determination will pave the way for transformative development in the cherished town of Iyara. The event is a testament to the power of collective action, showcasing that when a community comes together with love and dedication, incredible achievements are possible.

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