The upcoming Kogi State governorship election has sparked intense competition among the candidates, increasingly leading to spate of false claims and propaganda. One such example is Senator Dino Melaye’s panic reaction-inspired allegation that the Action Alliance (AA) gubernatorial candidate, Olayinka Braimoh, is being sponsored by the current governor, Yahaya Bello. It is noteworthy that this unfounded accusation is nothing more than a reflection of Melaye’s fear of losing the election to Braimoh, who possesses an impressive blueprint and has gained significant acceptance among the electorate. Every discernible observer of Kogi politics would have in fact noticed that the impressive manifesto of the AA candidate, Otunba Braimoh, is being plagiarized by Senator Melaye. His last TV round with Seun Okinbaloye was characterized with sound bites often used by Olayinka Braimoh as well as key aspects of his STAT agenda.

As a politician, Melaye embarks on these acts of propaganda and political shenanigan as a desperate effort to counter the rising profile of Otunba Braimoh. Everybody in Kogi knows the candidate that has invested most hard work and time travelling across to attend several town halls, ward and local government meetings, and that person is no other than Otunba Braimoh.

Contrary to Melaye’s claims, Otunba Olayinka Braimoh has neither met nor spoken with Governor Yahaya Bello in his entire life. The AA candidateโ€™s campaign is based on its own merit and vision for a better Kogi state, rather than relying on any external endorsements. His eagle-eyed vision as a divine, dynamic and progressive leader has become inspirational even to his political opponents.

Irrespective of these shameful side events, the AA candidate maintains his characteristic resoluteness towards winning the forthcoming Kogi State elections. He is more than ever focused on speaking about his STAT agenda and how it will change Kogi state from poverty to prosperity, and how it will empower the average Kogi indigene. For a fact, Braimoh believes that voters are intelligent enough to see through these false claims and make an informed decision based on the each candidates’ plans and promises.

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