Dino Melaye, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) governorship candidate, has a reputation for engaging in attention-seeking antics. However, these theatrical displays do nothing to address the underlying issues (poverty) afflicting the people of Kogi state. Melaye’s penchant for lies, pretense, and unproductive drama only serves to undermine the trust and confidence of those he claims to represent.

Melaye’s track record is riddled with empty promises and false representations. While he may claim to champion the causes of the people, his actions often fall short of delivering any tangible benefits to the people of Kogi state. Instead, he relies on grandiose theatrics to capture attention and divert focus from the pressing issues facing the state.

One such example that highlights Melaye’s inclination towards ineffective drama is the infamous tree-climbing incident. Melaye spent hours perched on top of a tree, supposedly to evade arrest. This attention-grabbing act did nothing to address the real problems faced by the people of Kogi state. It was a mere charade that showcased his flair for theatrics rather than a genuine effort to improve the lives of his people.

Melaye’s focus on theatrical displays detracts from the urgent need to address the pressing issues that plague Kogi state. The state is confronted with challenges such as, Poverty, inadequate healthcare, unemployment, poor infrastructure, and a struggling economy. These issues require practical solutions, not mere acts of self-promotion in a bid to becoming governor.

Rather than engaging in unproductive theatrics, the people of Kogi state deserve a candidate with a vision to get to the roots of this common head-on poverty, prioritize the needs of the people and work towards lasting solutions that bring about their upliftment, prosperity and development.

A good leader should be able to control their impulses and focus on the real problems facing their people. Dino’s behavior reflects a lack of maturity and a tendency to prioritize personal drama over the responsibilities of his position. Mere consideration of Dino’s candidacy by any individuals for the governorship will signify disaster for Kogi state. It is certain that Dino will continue to be embroiled in controversy and drama, neglecting the real issues that require attention and action.

Leadership requires a level of professionalism, responsibility, and dedication to serving the best interests of the people. Dino’s actions and behavior suggest that he may not possess these qualities. It is important to carefully consider the character and track record of any candidate before entrusting them with a position of leadership. In the case of Dino, his actions and lack of self-control make him an unsuitable choice for a leader who can effectively represent the interests of the people.

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