Kogi Guber 2023: Ododo Ahmed Usman: A Call for Continuity, Youth-Centric Leadership, and Student Bursary

By Moses Omeiza Audu Troy, Former Nakoss National President

Kogi State politics stand at a pivotal juncture, and the decisions we make today will chart the course for our future. As a former Nakoss President and a passionate advocate for the youth and students of Kogi State, I’m writing this blog post to campaign for Ododo Ahmed Usman. We believe he is the leader who can continue on the path of progress, place the welfare of our students and youth at the forefront of his agenda, and work toward the 300% increase in the student bursary while ensuring prompt payments.

Kogi State Politics Overview:

Our state’s politics have seen their share of challenges and successes. It’s crucial to build on our past achievements and address the pressing issues we face.

Ododo Ahmed Usman’s Candidacy:

Ododo Ahmed Usman has emerged as a promising figure in Kogi State politics. We call upon him to consider continuing the commendable work initiated by the outgoing administration of Yahaya Bello and to prioritize the welfare and advancement of our students and youth.

A Call for Continuity:

Today, we stand united, calling for continuity in the positive changes that Kogi State has witnessed. Ododo Ahmed Usman, we implore you to build on the foundation laid by your predecessor and to carry forward the legacy of progress and development. The students and youth of Kogi State are behind you, ready to support your vision for our future.

A Youth-Centric Agenda:

Our plea is clear. We need a leader who will put the needs of our students and youth at the heart of their administration. We call for increased investment in education, access to opportunities, and policies that empower our youth. Specifically, we urge Ododo to work on the 300% increase in student bursaries and ensure prompt payment, a key commitment for a prosperous future.

In conclusion, the upcoming gubernatorial elections offer Kogi State an opportunity to continue on the path of progress and transformation. We extend our campaign for Ododo Ahmed Usman, calling for continuity and a youth-centric leadership approach. Let us stand together, united in our quest for a brighter, more prosperous Kogi State.

Moses Omeiza Audu( Troy), Former Nakoss National President

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