Hon. Abraham Jacob , a faithful of the All Progressive Congress, has described the supreme court’s dismissal of the Senator Smart Adeyemi’s filed suit seeking for the nullification of the gubernatorial primary election of the All Progressive Congress in Kogi State that produced Alhaji Ahmed Usman Ododo as the winner, as “a judgment that justifies and testifies to the trust and confidence the faithfuls of the All Progressive Congress in Kogi State has in the leadership of His Excellency Alhaji Yahaya Bello, The Executive Governor of Kogi State and leader of the party in the state and the candidacy of Alhaji Ododo Ahmed Usman”.

The Supreme Court which struck out this suit for lack of merit, has further proven to the world that the candidacy of Ododo Ahmed as flag bearer of Kogi APC gubernatorial ticket, is one that is borne out of the willingness and desire of the majority of the card carrying members of APC who voted in favour of him during the party’s gubernatorial primary election.

Again and as usual, the court of justice has proven to be the hope of the common man. This is because every common man in the APC in Kogi State has casted all their fate on the fairness of the justice to be served by the court and this judgment is one that aligns with their hope in the blindness of justice.

According to Abraham Jacob, Senator Adeyemi should bury his face in shame for dragging the democratic choice of the party to this length of legal trials which on all stages, he failed woefully.

“One would ordinarily expect that Senator Smart Adeyemi who has benefitted immensely from the dividends of the party here in Kogi State, will abide wholeheartedly with its decision especially when such decision is democratically made by majority of its members on the ballot but on a contrary, he rather allow the party stay distracted with legal actions when ordinarily it should be facing squarely, the general election and planning its winning strategies. This is nothing but a show of shame on the part of the senator because to the glory of God, the party’s choice still triumphed at all phases of the courts’ rulings.”

On this victory, Abraham sincerely congratulates His Excellency, Governor Yahaya Bello for displaying utmost leadership with purposeful political will and for standing tall from the beginning to the end of the court trials. “Your Excellency Sir, you have only proven further to be a man of goodwill and a worthy leader at all time”.

He also sends congratulatory message to Alhaji Ododo Ahmed Usman who he described as the gubernatorial candidate of every common man in Kogi State.

Finally, he poured out his heart of felicitation with all members of the All Progressive Congress in Kogi State for this victory which he described as the hope of our continuity and consolidation of our party’s developmental strides in the state while charging every member and believers of the APC to come out enmass to vote convincingly the party during the November 11th general election.

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