Olayinka Braimoh, the gubernatorial candidate for the Action Alliance in Kogi State, today embarked on a mega rally in Lokoja, the state capital. The event witnessed a huge turnout of supporters, demonstrating the growing support for Braimoh’s candidacy.

The mega rally, which commenced at Ganaja junction and culminated at the Action Alliance party secretariat, showcased the growing support for Olayinka Braimoh’s bid for the Kogi governorship. Supporters from Lokoja came out in large numbers to participate in the event, creating an electric atmosphere of enthusiasm and confidence in Braimoh’s leadership.

The sheer magnitude of the turnout is a testament to the increasing popularity and wide acceptance of Olayinka Braimoh as a viable candidate for the governorship position. It reflects the trust and faith that the people of Kogi State have placed in his ability to bring about positive change and development in the state.

The mega rally served as a platform for supporters to express their solidarity with Braimoh. It provided an opportunity for them to demonstrate their commitment and dedication to the cause, creating a sense of unity and purpose among the participating individuals.

The mega rally allowed Braimoh to connect directly with the people, fostering a personal connection and understanding of their needs and aspirations. By engaging in face-to-face interactions, he was able to listen to their concerns, address their grievances, and present his vision for a better Kogi State.

The surge in support witnessed during the rally is indicative of the growing momentum behind Braimoh’s campaign. It sends a clear message to hos opponents to clear way for his coming as the governor of kogi state.

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