DELEX GROUP for Ododo for Governor - Tour of Kabba/Bunu LG Comprising 15 Wards

In the run-up to the highly anticipated gubernatorial election in Kogi State on November 11, 2023, Dr. Alex Ayodele John, affectionately known as DELEX, has been making remarkable strides in his campaign for the Ododo for Governor movement. Covering a vast expanse of territory, including 15 local governments and 200 wards in Kogi State, the DELEX GROUP APC embarked on a tour of Kabba/Bunu Local Government Area from Wednesday, October 18th, 2023, to Friday, October 20th, 2023. This tour has not only showcased the group’s commitment to their outreach plans but also served as a platform for addressing the concerns and aspirations of the local communities.

The primary message of Dr. DELEX and his team’s campaign has been a resounding endorsement of “ODODO” for the next Governor of Kogi State. This message has resonated strongly with the people of Kabba/Bunu as they look forward to the upcoming election.

Throughout the tour, the DELEX GROUP was received with overwhelming joy and hope by the residents of Kabba/Bunu. Dr. DELEX listened to the concerns and grievances of the people, assuring them of equity, accountability, and the dividends of democracy. Having already secured victories in the forthcoming elections for APC ODODO/OYIBO, Dr. DELEX’s track record and familiarity with the local communities played a significant role in gaining their support.

During his tour, Dr. DELEX generously distributed essential items and financial aid. Each ward received 2 to 3 bags of rice, 2 bags of salt, 4 cartons of Indomie noodles, and #100,000:00 in cash. This humanitarian approach showcased his dedication to the well-being of the local residents.

Dr. DELEX commended his coordinators, particularly Iluke Ward Coordinator, for their exceptional efforts. He pledged to support the community and work towards ensuring that ODODO emerges as the winner in the upcoming election.

Many members of the DELEX GROUP emphasized their shift from PDP to APC, emphasizing their trust in Dr. DELEX and his commitment to the community. This shift reflects the changing political landscape in the region.

Several community members highlighted pressing needs, such as assistance for widows and the construction of market stalls. These concerns underscore the importance of addressing local development issues alongside the political campaign.

Dr. DELEX also discussed the need for improved infrastructure in the region, including road networks and potable water sources. He pledged support for the restoration of a damaged borehole and infrastructure projects that would benefit the community.

The tour extended to various wards in Kabba/Bunu, where coordinators expressed their commitment to the APC and ODODO for Governor. Dr. DELEX encouraged perseverance among aggrieved APC members and stressed that the emergence of ODODO as the next governor would bring prosperity to all party members.

In the final legs of the tour, Dr. DELEX engaged with diverse communities, including Bassa/Hausa/Tiv and Fulani settlers. They pledged their support for ODODO and expressed their expectations of inclusiveness and assistance from the APC government. Dr. DELEX assured them that the government’s support would be forthcoming with the condition of electoral victory.

The tour revealed massive defections from PDP to APC across all 15 local governments in Kabba/Bunu, indicating the growing support for Dr. DELEX and the Ododo for Governor movement.

The DELEX GROUP’s tour of Kabba/Bunu LG showcases a formidable campaign for the upcoming Kogi State gubernatorial election. Dr. DELEX’s ability to connect with local communities and address their concerns has solidified support for the APC and ODODO. As the tour continues, the DELEX GROUP’s dedication to uplifting the region and securing electoral victory remains evident.

APC DELEX GROUP MEDIA TEAM for ODODO FOR GOVERNOR is making significant strides in its mission to bring about positive change and transformation to Kogi State.

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