The Senior Special Assistant to the Executive Governor of Kogi State on Thrift and Credit Union Regulations, Hon Owoniyi Stephen Femi extends his most sincere felicitations to Kabba/bunu APC party chairman Hon Jembawondo Solomon on the occasion of his auspicious birthday.

In a poignant and eloquent tribute, Hon Femi Omoga underscores the profound significance of this celebration as a moment to recognize and applaud the commendable attributes of Hon Solomon, describe him as a grassroot mobilizer and a political leader of high repute.

Hon Femi Omoga, with a discerning eye, commends Honorable Solomon’s unyielding dedication to delivering exemplary results, even in the face of formidable challenges. This unwavering commitment to excellence has undoubtedly set him apart as a stalwart figure in the realm of public service.

In a nuanced exploration of Hon Solomon character, Hon Femi Omogai elucidates on the manifold qualities that adorn him, rendering him an exceptional figure among his peers. Whether it be his astute leadership, unwavering integrity, or visionary approach, Honorable Solomon emerges as a paragon of virtue and effectiveness in the intricate tapestry of governance.

This celebration stands as a profound acknowledgment of the indelible mark that Hon Solomon has imprinted on the landscape of public service. His life is a testament to the adage that excellence is not an act but a habit, with each accomplishment underscoring a commitment to the betterment of the community.

As the day unfolds in festivities, Hon Femi Omoga, wishe the Kabba/bunu APC party chairman, Hon Jembawondo Solomon a birthday filled of joy, reflection, and the collective recognition of an outstanding individual. May the coming year be a continuum of successes and impactful contributions to the noble cause of public service. Happy Birthday! πŸŽ‰

Femi Omoga Media Team

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