Society is constantly awash with over-flogged and exaggerated news of the performances of notable figures. Often, pen writers employ strategies for marketing their principals, at least, for the show of relevance, or the show of it. Well, after all, in the context of the general promotion of one’s boss, and to be in his good book, they owe it an obligation to sing such praise, for so it is, to some.

Beyond the aforementioned, it’s not for want of words or the intent of eulogy did I picked my pen to bear my mind on the topic above. A peep into the society reveals wealthy politicians, moguls in various fields, influencers, promoters, and developers who can make things happen without anticipating reciprocation arising therefrom. Are they readily responsive and restless until they discharge this godly responsibility, to salvage society from perpetual dependency?

It is on record that for almost two decades now, Hon Seyi Bello has ceaselessly chosen the path of human emancipation, assisting and redeeming the helpless, despondent, and disadvantaged in no little magnitude. This meek personality abhors wealth or classical display in the face of lack and abject poverty ensnaring his fellow human being. So, singing his song to reiterate his performances prior now and his many current deeds surpass mere jamboree.

Lifting his people and affecting whatever environment he finds himself in becomes paramount to this uncommon hope-giver. The accolades daily oozing from the tertiary students, and the expression of inexplicable gratitude from the widows and indigent are enormous enough to express in just a jiffy. There is therefore no basis for personality comparison. It’s not an overstatement to loudly herald him as a coming liberator, because he wields languages of different classes of people that daily flood his way.

In just his few days in office, his records aren’t only alarming; his fingerprints in nooks and crannies all over are awesome!

Kabba/Bunu Local Government and Kogi State are blessed for having Honourable Seyi BELLO in such a time as this.

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