In a remarkable turn of events for the Kogi Guber 23 elections, Alh. Dr. Umar Shuaibu Oricha the DG Government House Kogi State and his Oricha Official Support Team paid a highly significant visit to the revered Obaro of Kabba. This visit, accompanied by the commissioning of the support team’s office, brought about an atmosphere of enthusiasm and anticipation among the residents.

Led by Alh. Dr. Umar Shuaibu Orichahimself, the support team made a grand entrance into the Obaro’s palace, where they were warmly received by his royal highness and his council of chiefs. The meeting served as a platform for the team to express their unwavering commitment to the development and progress of Kogi State under the leadership of Alh. Ododo Ahmed Usman.
Furthermore, the commissioning of the support team’s office was a significant milestone in their campaign. This state-of-the-art facility will serve as a central hub for strategic planning, coordination, and engagement with the electorate. With this office in place, the support team is poised to efficiently disseminate Alh. Ododo Ahmed Usman’s vision, policies, and programs to the people of Kogi state.

A standout moment during the visit was the introduction of Hon. Kunle Ola as the team’s coordinator. Hon. Kunle Ola, renowned for his youthful astute political acumen and organizational skills, brings a wealth of experience to the team. His appointment as the coordinator signifies the importance of effective coordination and seamless execution of strategies to secure victory for Alh. Ododo Ahmed Usman in the upcoming elections.

The unveiling of Hon. Kunle Ola as the coordinator, coupled with the visit to the Obaro of Kabba and the establishment of the support team’s office, has undoubtedly injected renewed energy and optimism into Alh. Ododo Ahmed Usman’s campaign. The people of Okun land and Kogi state in general eagerly await the implementation of the team’s plans and the positive transformations they promise to usher in.
As the Kogi Guber 23 elections draw near, the Oricha Official Support Team, under the able leadership of Alh. Dr. Umar Shuaibu Oricha, continues to forge ahead, leaving no stone unturned in their quest for a better future for Kogi state.

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