Says those on divisive politics are the ones craving sectional endorsement

The Special Adviser to Governor Yahaya Bello on Civil Service and Labour Matters, Omoluabi Bode Adeyemi has reacted to series of sectional, parochial, divisive and inordinate endorsement of some gubernatorial Candidates ahead of the forth coming Kogi 2023 election. He said the act on shows lack of popularity, promoting disunity and shamelessly elevating sectionalism ahead of a united state for collective prosperity.

The Special Adviser who is a member of Finance, Support Groups and Operations Directorate of the Kogi Gubernatorial Campaign Council of the ruling All Progressives Congress says tye APC have grown to become the most acceptable institution in Kogi State and most entrenched Political party as Kogi is presently represented. He said the Candidate of the party, Alh Ododo Ahmed Usman has become the most acceptable and one whose structure of campaigns cut across and noticably seen in all the pooling units of the state unlike other Aspirants who are waiting on one ethnic sentiment or the other to proof political point only.

Omoluabi Bode Adeyemi says the state has reached a stage where the people must dwell in unity and aspire for a common purpose for the greater benefits of all. He emphasized that Governor Yahaya Bello came at the time that God himself was ready to plant the seed of unity for a prosperous Kogi State. He said the opportunity for an Ebira man to become Governor reduced the ethnic division the old order has created for the state. He said the leadership of Governor Yahaya Bello and popularity of APC has created a point of convergence for a new Kogi State, where all shall be equal and one for the better future we pray for the next generation.

He said the political realignment that the candidacy of Ododo is creating across the twenty one LGAs of the state will birth a united Kogi State under the Governorship of Alh Ododo Ahmed Usman. He said Kogi has never witnessed the kind of political tsunami, interest alignment and party crosscarpeting currently going on from all other parties into APC. He said that kind of movements that moved former Deputy Governor, former Senator, former House of Representatives Members, former House of Assembly Members, PDP, ADC, Labour Party and SDP stalwarts from all the LGAs of the state cannot be said to be unnoticeable. He said the pattern of movements have created an organic point of convergence and Political alignment that has birthed a new order that have united the various tribes in the state towards a common political agenda, vision and plan.

The Special Adviser said the state is already saturated and the tempo is high in favor of Alh Ododo Ahmed Usman and the All Progressives Congress. He described the desperation and political attack going on in Kogi East against APC members as unnecessary as that won’t stop the victory of APC by 11th November. He said only strategy can win election, that all form of ethnic jingoism and incitement are wasted efforts that won’t produce any results.

Omoluabi commended Governor Yahaya Bello for the second phase of palliative distribution across the State. He said the Governor have shown a great degree of compassion, love and solidarity with Kogites in time of economic challenges. He said the Governor have also made all forms of education free from Primary to Secondary, an action he says would relieve parents and promote school enrollment. He said any leader that invest in the Educational development of the society is one that wants the people liberated and society advanced.

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