The Kogi Vibrant youths, led by Mr. Femi Ajewole, on 17th November 2023, in Kabba, expressed disregard for the recent endorsement by the Kogi West Elders Forum for the ADC Guber candidate, emphasising that the support of Kogi youths is solely for the Action Alliance (AA) Candidate, Otunba Olayinka Braimoh.

The group, comprising Kogi student union members, artisans, and young women, asserted that Braimoh is the only candidate with clear vision and the determination to establish a solid foundation for prosperity in Kogi state.

They reiterated that the so-called Kogi West Elders do not possess the power or influence to sway the people’s votes towards unpopular candidates.

In a display of determination, the youths vowed to ensure the victory of Braimoh in the 11th November 2023 election. Noting that Kogi youths are confident that their collective efforts and unwavering support will secure the success of the AA Guber candidate.

The group called on all Kogi youths to turn up enmasse to vote for the only candidate that can secure their futures. They warned that following purported endorsements of unpopular candidates will only translate into continuation of an undesirable status-quo. The group reminded that a vote for Action Alliance and Braimoh is a vote for the younger generation and a guarantee for a prosperous future.

~ Painter of the Sky

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