The attention of genuine, responsible and respected Okun Students has been drawn to a recent endorsement by National Association of Okun Students under the leadership of Ajibade David and his cohorts on PDP Gubernatorial Candidate .We want to state it with all sense of modesty and responsibility that Okun Students are not part of such kangaroo endorsement and we will never be. In a surprising turn of events, Okun Students have voiced their strong disapproval of the recent endorsement of Senator Dino Melaye as the best fit for the gubernatorial race in Kogi state. In a scathing rebuke, they have accused David Ajibade, and others of orchestrating a kangaroo endorsement that does not align with the interests of the Okun people. The students argue that His Excellency Ahmed Usman Ododo, widely regarded as the people’s choice, represents the Kogi agenda and is the rightful candidate for the upcoming elections.

The Okun Students, a great representative body advocating for the welfare of the Okun people, have taken a firm stance against the endorsement of Senator Dino Melaye. They argue that the endorsement did not take into account consultations with the Okun people or their true aspirations. Instead, they accuse the endorsing group, led by Ajibade, of making decisions that benefit their own personal interests rather than reflecting the desires of the Okun community.

According to the Okun Students, the governor of the state who is not from Okunland has demonstrated his love for KOGI West through the establishment of KoginState University, Kabba. They firmly believe that if he’s allowed to bring in a successor, he will effectively address the pressing issues faced by the Okun people and govern in a manner that fosters development and progress.

The Okun Students have criticized the endorsement of Senator Dino Melaye as an unfair tactics lacking transparency and fairness. They argue that the endorsers did not provide adequate justifications for their decision, nor did they disclose how they arrived at their conclusion. This lack of transparency has caused widespread disillusionment among the Okun community, who now question the credibility and integrity of the endorsing group.

In their statement, the Okun Students as called for a genuine representation of the Okun people’s interests in the forthcoming gubernatorial race. They argue that driven by their desire for positive change and progress, the Okun community deserves a leader who will champion their causes, rectify their grievances, and work towards inclusive development. They urge the endorsing group to reconsider their decision and align themselves with the true aspirations of the Okun people by supporting governor Bello long time plan for the state.

The Okun Students, in a display of unwavering resolve, have distanced themselves from the kangaroo endorsement of Senator Dino Melaye. They have berated Ajibade, alongside others, for their involvement in a decision they perceive as self-serving and contrary to the interests of the Okun community.


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