Pastor Samuel OLUBATO JP appreciates Kogi Governor moving from PDP to APC for his new appointment

In the dynamic world of Nigerian politics, leaders who can navigate the ever-shifting tides of party affiliation and community support often rise to prominence. One such figure is Pastor Samuel OLUBATO, a man with a political capacity that has seen him transition from being the former Deputy Chairman of the PDP Kabba/Bunu Local Government to his current role as Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Youth Development in Kabba/Bunu, under the APC banner.

Pastor Samuel OLUBATO’s journey in politics reflects the importance of grassroots support and mobilization in the political landscape of Kogi state. He believes that the success of Governor Yahaya Bello and the APC in the state can be attributed, in part, to their strong grassroots support. As a leader hailing from Akutupa in Akutupa-Kiri Ward, Pastor Samuel OLUBATO understands the significance of local backing and the impact it can have on the overall success of the party.

Upon his appointment as Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Youth Development, Pastor Samuel OLUBATO expressed his gratitude to Governor Yahaya Bello. He acknowledged that the governor’s commitment to infrastructure and development projects in different parts of the state has spoken volumes. These projects have not only improved the lives of the people but have also served as a testament to the governor’s dedication to the betterment of Kogi state.

In the midst of his transition from the PDP to the APC, Pastor Samuel OLUBATO emphasizes the importance of party loyalty and collective effort. He believes that the victory of the APC in the upcoming Governorship poll, scheduled for November 11th, 2023, is crucial. He is confident that with the support of the people and the party, the APC can secure a win for their candidate, ODODO/JOEL 2023.

Pastor Samuel OLUBATO showcases the importance of community ties, party loyalty, and the role that local leaders can play in shaping the political landscape. As the people of Kogi state gear up for the upcoming elections, his commitment to the APC.

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