In a resounding declaration of support, the National Association of Okun Students (NAOS) has endorsed Senator Dino Melaye as the best governorship candidate for the upcoming Kogi election on November 11, 2023. Representing thousands of Okun students and the broader Kogi West students, NAOS asserts their unwavering support for Senator Melaye, who is running under the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

The endorsement comes after an earlier call by NAOS for the next Kogi state governor to come from the Kogi West District, emphasizing fairness, equity, and democratic principles. Among the candidates from Kogi West, Senator Dino Melaye emerged as the PDP’s candidate through a free, fair, and transparent primary, further solidifying his favorability.

NAOS highlighted several factors that make Senator Melaye the best choice for the governorship role. Firstly, his proven capacity in driving development projects and his track record as a former senator representing Kogi West were lauded. Moreover, Senator Melaye’s commitment to good governance and his active role in advocating for the voiceless in Nigeria resonates strongly with the students and youth across Kogi West.

Emphasizing his experience in politics, NAOS recognizes Senator Melaye’s journey as a student union leader, a representative member of Kabba Bunu/Ijumu Federal Constituency, and his two successful terms as a senator. This accumulated experience demonstrates his suitability for a greater responsibility.

Accessibility is another strength that sets Senator Melaye apart. He is known for his genuine connection with the students and youth, considering them as valuable constituents. His unmatched love for youth development has garnered widespread admiration and support.

The intellectual prowess of Senator Melaye cannot be ignored, given his diverse credentials and administrative knowledge, positioning him more advantageously than other candidates in the district. NAOS believes that by uniting around him, they can secure a future defined by progress and good governance.

Highlighting political factors, NAOS acknowledges the PDP as the most viable platform in Kogi West, with strong structures at both the local and national levels. Ignoring this in favor of smaller parties would be a disservice, hence the call to mobilize all students, workers, and parents to vote massively for Senator Dino Melaye in the upcoming election.

Comrade Ajibade Olamilekan David, National President of NAOS, urges everyone to stand resolute, united with the shared belief that nothing will discourage their commitment to a better Kogi West. With their endorsement, Senator Dino Melaye’s candidacy receives a significant boost, amplifying the voices of the Okun students and in signaling a path towards a brighter future for Kogi State.

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