When a striker with an internal injury forced himself to play in a crucial football match, the team manager understood that the striker truly had an internal injury but still forced him to play in such a crucial match. The team is bound to lose the match woefully.

My sincere advice is for the striker to tread on the part of honor and quietly withdraw from the match since we have another capable striker. The spectators coming to watch the game might not understand that the striker has been internally injured. But the team manager and the striker himself know that he is at a disadvantage because of his injury.

What the team needs is the trophy and if your best as a notable striker can’t be displayed due to your internal injury, it’s therefore of great honor to quit the game for a later day. Ronaldo the great striker does not play all matches, yet they both have the glory of the trophy. This is not about being weak or being timid it is a deep sacrifice for the Okun team yawning to win the trophy.

Dr. Bolufemi Olarotimi
Okun Blood 100%.

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