Senator Dino Melaye laid out a comprehensive roadmap for the state’s future. His dynamic vision encompasses the following key areas:

  1. Unifying Diverse Tribes: Sen. Dino Melaye’s commitment to fostering unity among Kogi’s diverse population is a cornerstone of his agenda. He recognized the divisions that have emerged along ethnic lines and attributed them to the actions of the current APC government. He aims to bring people together, transcending tribal boundaries.
  2. Economic Prosperity: Dino’s vision for Kogi’s economic development is promising. He intends to harness the state’s abundant mineral resources and unlock their potential for the betterment of the people. With a focus on responsible resource utilization and the exploration of crude oil, he envisions boosting the state’s revenue without pushing its citizens into poverty.
  3. Leveraging Academic Excellence: Kogi State’s wealth isn’t limited to natural resources; it also boasts a high number of professors. Dino Melaye is determined to tap into this intellectual wealth, using it as a catalyst for economic growth and innovation.
  4. Promoting Tourism: Kogi’s natural beauty and attractions will be at the forefront of Dino’s plans. He envisions turning the state into a must-visit destination by capitalizing on its unique features, including the longest marine pool and breathtaking plateaus.
  5. Tackling Insecurity: Recognizing the pressing security issues, Dino is committed to addressing violence and ensuring the safety of Kogi’s residents, particularly concerning the activities of criminal elements.
  6. Restoring Public Trust: Rebuilding trust in government is a priority. Dino intends to rekindle the people’s confidence in their leaders and institutions.
  7. Educational Rejuvenation: The state’s education system is in dire need of reform. Dino acknowledges the absence of functional public primary schools and pledges to bring about significant improvements in this sector.
  8. Justice for Academia: The unjust dismissal of 120 professors and lecturers from Kogi State University deeply concerns Dino Melaye. He is resolute in his commitment to re-employ these academics, ensuring that their expertise benefits the state.
  9. Crusade Against Corruption: Dino recognizes the scourge of corruption and pledges to reduce, if not eliminate it, by instituting a culture of transparency and accountability.

Dino Melaye’s vision for Kogi State is a holistic approach to governance, encompassing unity, prosperity, security, education, justice, and anti-corruption measures. It represents a promise of a brighter future for the state and its people.

Vote Dino! Vote Kogi for all


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