DELEX Group Tour in Ijumu Local Government: A Continuation of the Campaign for Ododo/Oyibo for Governor

Dr. Alex Ayodele John, popularly known as Dr. DELEX, embarked on a spirited campaign tour in Ijumu Local Government, leaving behind a trail of goodwill and political fervor in his wake. The primary message of this campaign was the endorsement of “ODODO” for the next Kogi State Governor, reaching across party lines to garner support from various political factions.

Accompanying Dr. DELEX on this campaign trail was a notable entourage of influential individuals:

  1. Hon. Toyin Kosoko Omole, a staunch supporter from Ijumu.
  2. Hon. Omolade Ibikunle, former Treasurer in about six local governments, a key leader of PDP in Ijumu/Kabba Bunu Federal Constituency.
  3. Kunle Abogun, the MD/CEO of Kunle Abogun Motors, hailing from Mopamuro.
  4. Hon. Bidemi Adebayo from Yagba West Coordinator
  5. Hon. Shina Olaitan from Yagba East Coordinator
  6. Hon. Ade Kosoko from Ijumu who served as the host coordinator.
  7. Hon. Kunle Olorunfemi, popularly known as Mr. White
  8. Hon. Atteh Folasade F.
    Yagba East LG Women Leader of Delex Group for Ododo for Governor and many more.

All of Dr. DELEX’s Ward Coordinators expressed unwavering support for the “ODODO” campaign, emphasizing their commitment to delivering their votes for Dr. DELEX due to their longstanding association with him. Dr. DELEX assured them of his dedication to ensuring equity and the fair distribution of democracy’s benefits.

The tour saw Dr. DELEX generously distribute essential supplies to the people, exemplifying his commitment to the welfare of the citizens. He distributed 2 to 3 bags of rice, 2 bags of salt, 4 cartons of Indomie Noodles, and cash ranging from #100,000 to #150,000 at each ward he visited. This benevolent gesture not only resonated with the local population but also reflected his dedication to the cause.

During the campaign, there were significant moments that highlighted the tour’s impact. In Iffe Ikoyi Ward, Mr. Alaba Yusuff, a disabled man who showed immense determination by crawling to the venue, received financial assistance of #200,000 from Hon. Toyin Kosoko Omole to support his shoe-making business. Such acts of compassion and support resonated deeply with the local population, further strengthening Dr. DELEX’s position in the campaign.

The tour covered the 15 wards in Ijumu Local Government, spanning from Friday, October 13th, 2023, to Monday, October 16th, 2023, showcasing an extensive outreach strategy.

In Gbede District, the tour visited Aiyegunle/Ilu Afon Ward, Iyah/Ayeh Ward, Okoro/Odokoro Ward, Ward II Aiyetoro Gbede, and Ward I Aiyetoro Gbede.

On Sunday, October 15th, 2023, the campaign moved to Ijumu Oke District, including Ogale/Aduge Ward and Ayere/Arimah Ward.

In the Ogidi Community, three wards were visited: Ileteju Origa Ward, Okoro Iga Ward, and Ilae Ere/Igbolayere Ward.

The final leg of the campaign took place on Monday, October 16th, 2023, in Ijumu Arin District, covering Iyara Ward, Iffe/Ikoyi Ikejumu Ward, Egbeda Egga/Okedayo Ward, Ekinrin Ade, and Iyamoye Igboopin Ward.

The tour made a significant impact on Ijumu Local Government, with the decamping of the Egbeda Egga/Okedayo Ward PDP Chairman to APC, symbolizing the resonance of Dr. DELEX’s message. The support and enthusiasm of the local population showcased the momentum the “ODODO” campaign had gained.

This campaign tour by DELEX Group in Ijumu Local Government underscored the significance of Dr. DELEX’s commitment to his gubernatorial candidate, ODODO, and his vision for a better Kogi State. The tour serves as a testament to the power of grassroots engagement and the potential for unity across political affiliations when a dedicated leader like Dr. DELEX brings communities together for a common cause.

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