Assures exercise will be a continuous response to the concerns of the people

….reiterates that palliative is meant for the entire state, not APC only.

Kogi State Governor, Yahaya Bello has flagged off the distribution of the state-sponsored palliatives across the state in response to the concerns of the people, stressing that the ward-by-ward distribution system was adopted to ensure that every citizen irrespective of their political parties benefitted.

The governor during the flag-off in Lokoja, the state capital directed every state appointee and other stakeholders to take leave back to their respective wards in a bid to ensure efficiency in the sharing process while he warned that he would expose any leader found culpable of shortchanging the people in the palliative sharing process.

Governor Bello pointed out that the current palliative distribution would upon completion followed by another trench which will take another dimension adding that the state government intends to eventually such a gesture to the next administration in addition to its physical infrastructural and socio-economic development plans for the state and its people.

He however reiterated that the palliative just like the previous one is meant for the entire citizenry hence directing those in charge not to discriminate along political party lines or any other divisive factor.

While intimating that the exercise will be closely monitored in a bid to ensure fairness, efficiency, and effectiveness he pointed out that the APC is a party that portrays compassion, and honesty and frowns against liars hence those in charge must show empathy, love, and compassion to their people

He warned that any leader found wanting to short-change the people would be exposed as any leader who engaged in such is not worthy to be in such a position.

Taking a cue on the forthcoming election, Governor Bello called on the citizens to give their support to the candidate of the APC, Usman Ahmed Ododo noting that the consolidation government of the ruling party has greater plans for the state and its people.

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