During the Iyah Gbede cultural day celebration, the governorship candidate for the upcoming Kogi election, Otunba Olayinka Braimoh, urged the people to make the right community choice by voting for a candidate with a visionary approach. He emphasized that preserving and promoting our cultural heritage should be a key priority for the development of the community, but the absence of visionary leaders has hindered its potential as a tourist attraction.

Braimoh highlighted his vision for Kogi’s development, stating that his proposed agenda, known as STAT (Solid minerals, Tourism, Agriculture and Trade), aims to create wealth and distribute it among the people of the State. He believes that with his visionary capacity, Kogi can be lifted out of poverty, and the residents can experience real progress and prosperity.

The Action Alliance gubernatorial candidate stressed the importance of making an informed and thoughtful decision when casting votes in the November 11th elections. He urged the people to consider his candidacy as a beacon of hope and change for the community, promising to prioritize the preservation and promotion of cultural heritage as a means to boost tourism and drive economic development.

Braimoh focus on wealth creation and distribution aligns with the needs of the community. By implementing inclusive policies and initiatives, he aims to uplift Kogi’s economy and ensure that all residents benefit from its growth. He believes that by investing in cultural tourism and leveraging the rich heritage of Iyah Gbede and other communities, Kogi can attract visitors and create new opportunities for employment and income generation.

In conclusion, Braimoh’s remarks during the Iyah Gbede cultural day celebration emphasize the significance of visionary leadership in harnessing the potential of Kogi’s cultural heritage. By voting for a candidate who prioritizes the development of the community and has a clear plan for wealth creation and distribution, the people of Kogi can be liberated from the cycle of poverty.

~ Painter of the Sky

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