kogi 2023 : Dr. Rufus Oluwafemi Idris Supports ADC Governorship Candidate in Kabba Bunu, Promising Infrastructure Focus

In the heart of Kogi State’s political landscape, Dr. Rufus Oluwafemi Idris, the Director-General of the campaign for Kabba/Bunu/Ijumu Federal Constituency, and a staunch supporter of the African Democratic Congress (ADC). His recent distribution of millions of campaign materials to bolster the ADC governorship candidate, Rt. Hon Leke Abejide/Omede, signifies his unwavering commitment to the state’s progress and development.

The ADC’s gubernatorial campaign officially took off in Kabba/Bunu, creating a buzz of excitement and anticipation among the citizens. Rt. Hon Leke Abejide, the man at the helm of this campaign, made a resounding promise that infrastructure and roads would be given optimum attention under his leadership. This commitment resonated with the people, as quality infrastructure is essential for economic growth, improved living standards, and overall development.

Furthermore, the pledge to ensure the timely payment of salaries and the provision of free education showcased the candidate’s dedication to improving the welfare of Kogi’s citizens. These promises offer hope for a brighter future and a better quality of life for all residents of the state.

Dr. Rufus Oluwafemi Idris has been a vocal advocate for the ADC campaign, emphasizing that moving forward means achieving success and committing to Kogi State projects. He has encouraged the people to come together and support the vision of a united, peaceful, and prosperous Kogi State.

Rt. Hon Leke Abejide, the man of the people, stands as a beacon of hope in Kogi’s political landscape. His vision for the state’s greatness, as articulated during the campaign’s launch, resonates with the aspirations of the citizens. “We believe that Kogi State is destined for greatness,” he proclaimed. “I see a united, peaceful, and prosperous state on the horizon. As we arise and shine, we shall prosper.”

The date that marks a turning point in Kogi’s history is set for 11th November, 2023. On this day, the people will cast their votes, and the destiny of the state will be shaped by their collective decision.

Dr Rufus said “Let’s continue to support ADC governorship candidate Rt. Hon Leke Abejide/Omede for a brighter future,” underscores the significance of this day.

Rt. Hon Leke Abejide With the promises of improved infrastructure, timely salary payments, and free education, the people are hopeful for a prosperous future. As they move forward, united and committed to Kogi’s projects, they believe in the destiny of greatness that lies ahead.

“God bless ADC,

God bless Kogi State,

God bless Nigeria.”

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