12th October, 2023

In what comes as another significant boost for the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the Kogi Guber 2023 elections, business tycoon and a philanthropist per excellence, Prince Bebeyi Ade who is known worldwide for his lucrative industrialisation has officially declared his support for the candidacy of Ododo/Oyibo.

In a move aimed at strengthening the relationship between the Okun people in supporting upcoming gubernatorial election of the All Progressive Congress [APC}candidate, Alhaji Usman Ahmed Ododo, the Honorable Commissioner for education, Hon Wemi Jones, FCIB who also hails from Kabba/Bunu LGA introduced Prince Bebeyi Ade who is a Kogite and an illustrious okun man to the incoming Governor his Excellency Alhaji Ahmed Usman Ododo.

This connection holds great promise for the Okun community’s future development and engagement in the forthcoming gubernatorial campaign.

Hon Wemi Jones, renowned for his dedication to promoting youth development, humanitarian services and education, has been playing a role in bridging the gap between the Okun people and showing solidarity support for the incoming Governor Alhaji Usman Ahmed Ododo.

Prince Bebeyi Ade, who is a prominent figure in the business world, made the endorsement during a high-profile gathering at the federal capital territory in a close door meeting to discuss way forward in bringing the Kogi agenda to success.

His declaration of support for the Ododo/Oyibo ticket has generated considerable excitement, has been seen as a sign of growing momentum for the party ahead of the elections.

As a well-respected entrepreneur with significant influence, Prince Bebeyi Ade’s endorsement is considered highly influential and may sway other influential figures and the electorate in general.

Ade brings with him a wealth of experience and a wide network of connections, making his support a valuable asset to any political campaign.

The Ododo/Oyibo ticket, led by Ododo John and Oyibo Salisu, has been gaining traction among party faithful’s and grassroots supporters within the APC. The ticket is widely regarded as a formidable team, with Ododo John bringing extensive experience in public administration and Oyibo Salisu known for his grassroots mobilization skills.

With Prince Bebeyi Ade joining the growing list of endorsements for the Ododo/Oyibo candidacy, the APC’s prospects for success in the Kogi Guber 2023 elections appear to be on an upward trajectory. Ade’s support not only brings financial resources to the campaign but also provides a vote of confidence in the leadership abilities and vision of the Ododo/Oyibo ticket.

The APC in Kogi State is riding the wave of recent successes in governance and economic development, which has endeared the party to many citizens. The endorsement of such a prominent business tycoon like Prince Bebeyi Ade further strengthens the party’s position as the frontrunner in the forthcoming elections.

As the race for the Kogi Guber 2023 elections heats up, political analysts believe that endorsements like Prince Bebeyi Ade’s will play a crucial role in shaping public opinion and swaying undecided voters. The APC’s ability to attract influential figures and generate widespread support increasingly positions them as the party to beat.

The Ododo/Oyibo ticket will likely leverage the endorsement from Prince Bebeyi Ade to further consolidate their campaign efforts, energize their supporters, and ultimately, secure victory in the Kogi Guber elections come 2023. Only time will tell how much of an impact this endorsement will have, but for now, it is another significant boost for the APC ahead of the crucial elections.

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