As the race to the November 11th governorship election in Kogi State gets tougher and more intense, the Special Adviser to Governor Yahaya Bello on Civil Service and Labour Matters who doubles as member of Finance, Logistics and Support Groups Directorate of the state gubernatorial campaign Council, Omoluabi Bode Adeyemi has commended the Audu/Faleke political group for declaring total support for the Ododo/Oyibo ticket and used the opportunity to encourage the entire political structure and personalities in Kogi West to come and join the Ododo ambition, he argued that only Ododo Ahmed Usman among the current possible candidates that can make power to shift to the west in very close foreseeable future, stating that with the look of political reality ahead, it is in best interest of entire Kogi West to strike an urgent political alliance by supporting Ododo in negotiation for future opportunities.


Omoluabi says the voters figure and political intrigues is not favorable to the West, he opined that the wisest decision that will make sense is not to waste vote or return the people back to Egypt when they are actually close to the promised land with APC. He said any vote for a Kogi West Candidate will be like the votes casted away because of the many Candidates contesting from there and because the Candidates are not popular anywhere else therefore making the already dividend votes from the west not enough to deliver any of them. He argued that a vote for Ododo Ahmed Usman is a vote for hope, possibility and assurance for a Kogi West Governor in a foreseeable future. He maintained that the people must be Politically correct with their votes and not any attempt to prove a point with vote instead of striking political negotiations.

The Special Adviser further said that that this will not be the first crucial political alignment with the central Senatorial district, he said pre-independence representative election in the earliest forties saw an alignment between late Chief Dare from Kabba in a political romance to deliver a Prince of Okene as the representative of the region and produced a resounding victory. He argued that Ebira people have proven to be lover of our people, they are people of equity and justice and a race that have lived peacefully with people of Kogi West for centuries.

He urge the stakeholders of the West, Central and Est to converge on a negotiation table to guarantee great electoral victory that will be symbiotically beneficial to all. He argued that we are all one and must continue to live as one for the good of all. Omoluabi Bode Adeyemi further said that if sincere appraisal would be conducted, it will be undeniably obvious that Ododo Ahmed Usman is the only Candidate with heterogeneous configuration and pan Kogi political structure. He stated that Ododo has been well groomed to continue an undoubtedly great Political leadership that have brought about outstanding development, equitable distribution of Projects and resources.

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