Honorable Abayomi Bello, the former House of Representatives candidate for the Social Democratic Party (SDP), has assured the good people of Kabba-Bunu LGA of Alhaji Muritala Yakubu Ajaka, the SDP governorship candidate commitment aimed to bring substantial improvements to the lives of the people in Kabba-Bunu LGA and the larger Okun community.

The SDP governorship candidate made this commitment when one of the sons of Okun visited him recently.

First on his agenda is the establishment of a befitting palace for the revered Obaro, the head of the Okun traditional institution. Within 24 months of assuming office, Ajaka promises to make this promise unshakeable, confident about his ability to deliver on this commitment. Such a palace would honor the rich cultural heritage of the Okun people and provide a fitting residence for their esteemed traditional leader.


Committed to ensuring the well-being of the people, Ajaka has also pledged to address the electricity challenges in Kabba-Bunu LGA. The plan involves leveraging the Dangote transmission from Obajana as part of an Innovative Corporate Social Responsibility (CRS). Through this initiative, improved electricity supply will be made available, improving the quality of life and fostering economic growth in the local government.

Furthermore, Ajaka promises to tackle the long-standing water shortage issue in the area. Access to clean and portable water is of utmost importance for any communityโ€™s health and well-being. By implementing a comprehensive plan, Ajaka aims to provide clean and reliable water sources throughout Kabba-Bunu LGA.

To enhance transportation infrastructure, Ajaka has also committed to uplifting and reconstructing all township roads in Kabba-Bunu LGA. Recognizing the importance of well-maintained roads for economic development and ease of movement, this commitment demonstrates Ajakaโ€™s dedication to fostering progress within the local government area.

Not content with just local endeavors, Ajaka has also vowed to take action on the reconstruction of the Kabba-Egbe road. Even though it falls under federal jurisdiction, he firmly believes it is essential to facilitate progress and development. Ajaka is confident that by working closely with the federal government, they will provide a refund for the funds utilized in reconstructing the road.

Honorable Abayomi Bello, passionately urges the good people of Kabba-Bunu LGA to rally behind Alhaji Murtala Yakubu Ajaka. With his firm commitment to addressing the needs and interests of the people, Ajaka emerges as the best candidate to lead the community toward a prosperous and sustainable future

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