A formidable Political Mobilisation and Campaign Group known as ODODO-SALIFU KOGI WEST YOUTHS MOVEMENT, committed to the emergence of APC Candidate (OAU) as the next Governor of Kogi State, has paid him a courtesy visit in Lokoja to officially update him with the Group’s line up of activities and also, present her Campaign Survenirs to the Flag bearer of the Party, Alh Ododo Ahmed Usman in Lokoja.

While presenting her updates, the Chairman of Ododo-Salifu Kogi West Youth Movement and Member State Campaign Council ~ Prince Hamza Bola Sanusi, first Salute and Commended Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello’s leadership prowess and inclusive leadership style with his legacy projects that has returned the State lost glory. To him, GYB is a leader with a difference, an astute leader par Excellent, the Architect of the New Kogi who came to fixed, unit, secured and build Kogi of our dream.

The Chairman of the Movement did not hesitated to expressed the Movement’s appreciations to her leaders, Patrons and Matron ~ Hon Kingsley Femi Fanwo, Hon (Alh) Abubakar Bashir Gegu and Hajiya Rekiya Onaivo Sanni for their relentless efforts and commitments. To him he said, they are reliable, dependable, honest and trustworthy leaders. He make bold to said that they have all demonstrated a rare fit in Party loyalty, love for the Candidacy of the Party and believe in the spirit of a United APC Family. He, therefore, had no doubt of their leadership leading the Movement to overwhelming victory for ALH ODODO AHMED USMAN in the November 11 Poll.

Prince Hamza said, the Movement’s Velocity of good work is enhanced by her Constituted Grassroots Mobilizers in each Ward (50) and each Local Government (500) as the pace of the formidable Movement has seriously mitigated and hampered the interest of those that wanted to ride on the ethnic resentment. To him, the youths and the Movement have indeed long rejected such falsehoods incitement and moved on with the best Man for the job with Capacity, Competency, Humility, Delightful Humanist, and a leader with integrity.

The Leader and the Patron of the Movement, Honourable Commissioner for Information and Communication and the Director of Media and Information, State Campaign Council ~ Honourable Kingsley Femi Fanwo stated that the length of formidable and Capacity of the Group is very high. According to him, OSKWYM got the most active capacity and strength to massively deliver overwhelming victory for ALH ODODO AHMED USMAN in the November 11 Poll.

According to Hon Kingsley Fanwo, the great Movement has been Crisscrossing every Units and Ward in Kogi West Senatorial District on a robust and vigorous Campaign, Working round the clock, making Waves and Creating awareness of the Party Flag Bearer ~ Alh Ododo Ahmed Usman from Community to Community, Street to Street and Door to Door for the victory of Alh Ododo Ahmed Usman in the November 11 Poll. This he said, is commendable.

Hon Kingsley said, ALH ODODO AHMED USMAN is a Man of Humility and Kindness of which many of his friends he encountered before can pulled of their clothes on the ground to assure ODODO’S VICTORY at the poll

In a related to the testament of good work this formidable Campaign Movement has been doing, her Matron, Hajiya Rekiya Onaivo Sanni ~ The KEDA’s DG and Member of the State APC Campaign Council, has strongly spoke in total support of the line up of activities of Ododo-Salifu Kogi West Movement. To her, she said, the Movement is the most strategist and most active in Grassroots Mobilizations and Campaign. She, therefore, very delighted in associating and working with them.

In a response, the Candidacy of the APC, Alh Ododo Ahmed Usman, expressed his sincere appreciations to the Movement good work in serving humanity.

Alh. Ododo Ahmed Usman said, the youths are not leader of tomorrow, they are rather leaders of today, and not the young shall grow, but the young has grown as far as Kogi State is concerned. He, therefore, called on the youths to come together to work for the divine victory as a united force and family.

Alh Ododo Ahmed Usman, commended Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello CON, that the Governor has done more than enough for All Progressive Congress APC in the state to be only adopted Party as far as the State is concerned when you compared of just 8years to over 16years of PDP. OAU, therefore, promised not to disappoint the people.

Lastly, the Patron and Leader of the Movement, Hon (Alh) Abubakar Bashir Gegu, Honourable Commissioner for Solid Minerals and Natural Resources and Member, State Campaign Council, commended the superlative efforts of the Movement in galvanizing support for the Candidacy of the Party, Alh Ododo Ahmed Usman. He therefore, promised to be there for the Movement to succeed in her aim of driving home victory for ALH ODODO AHMED USMAN. He thanked the Movement for keying into Progressive Project.

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