Amity Magazine Editorial Committee Interview Report

Date: October 4, 2023
Location: Obaro of Kabba’s Office, Kabba, Kogi State.


  2. KSU Amity Magazine Editorial Committee Members

The Amity Magazine Editorial Committee had the distinct privilege of conducting an exclusive interview with Obaro of Kabba in his office, situated in the heart of Kabba, Okun Land. The interview aimed to shed light on community development initiatives, Governor Yahaya Bello’s contributions to the region, and the role of students and youths in advancing Kabba and Okun Land.

Interview Highlights:

  1. Community Development Initiatives:
    Obaro of Kabba, HRM OBA SOLOMON DELE OWONIYI OWEYOMADE 1, expressed his profound commitment to community development. He highlighted various ongoing projects and initiatives aimed at improving the lives of the people in Kabba and its surrounding areas. These projects encompassed areas such as education, infrastructure, and promoting the stool. He emphasized that community development was a collective effort and encouraged all stakeholders to actively participate.
  2. Appreciation to Governor Yahaya Bello:
    During the interview, the Obaro of Kabba appreciated Governor Yahaya Bello for his unwavering dedication to the progress of Kabba and Okun Land. He commended the Governor for his role in establishing a new university in the region, which he believed would be a catalyst for educational growth and economic development. The Obaro expressed optimism that this institution would provide opportunities for the youth and contribute to the overall advancement of the area.
  3. Youth and Student Engagement:
    His Royal Majesty discussed the pivotal role that students and youths play in the development of Kabba and Okun Land. He encouraged them to actively engage in community-based projects and initiatives, emphasizing the importance of education as a pathway to success. He also emphasized the need for the youth to preserve the rich cultural heritage of Okun Land while embracing modernity.

The interview with Obaro of Kabba was both enlightening and inspiring. His commitment to community development, praise for Governor Yahaya Bello’s contributions, and his call for youth and student involvement underscored the importance of collaborative efforts in fostering progress and prosperity in Kabba and Okun Land. Amity Magazine is honored to have had the opportunity to document these insights and looks forward to further collaborations in promoting the well-being of this vibrant community.

National President, Kabba Students’ Union (KSU)

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