Date: Tuesday, 3rd of October, 2023.


Mr. Abayomi Daniel, the visionary CEO of Opus, renowned as the largest Tech Hub in Kogi State, made a significant appearance alongside other dignitaries like Hon. Seyi Bello, Hon. Bode Adeyemi and Mrs. Olusola Jagboro at a program organized by Kabba Students’ Union which took place at Kogi State University, Kabba. His presence at the event was not only a demonstration of support but also an opportunity to reaffirm his dedication to nurturing tech talents among students in Kabba.

Mr. Abayomi Daniel and Opus Tech Hub:

Opus Tech Hub has emerged as a beacon of technological innovation and entrepreneurial spirit within Kogi State. Under the leadership of Mr. Abayomi Daniel, it has served as a catalyst for fostering tech-driven initiatives, startups, and educational programs, aiming to equip the youth with the skills needed in the digital age.

Reaffirming Commitment at KSU Program:

During his address at the KSU program, Mr. Abayomi Daniel reiterated his commitment to the development of tech skills and opportunities among students in Kabba. He acknowledged the immense potential present among the youth and emphasized the pivotal role that tech education and innovation play in today’s world.

Supporting Kabba Students and youths:

Mr. Abayomi Daniel assured the students and youths of Kabba that Opus Tech Hub would continue to actively engage with educational institutions in the region. He pledged to provide mentorship, resources, and access to cutting-edge technology to nurture their talent and help them thrive in the tech industry.


The presence of Mr. Abayomi Daniel, CEO of Opus Tech Hub, at the KSU program underscores the growing importance of tech education and innovation in Kogi State. His commitment to empowering students in Kabba with tech skills and resources holds immense promise for the region’s youth.

Opus Tech Hub’s role as a driving force for technological growth and entrepreneurship in Kogi State, under Mr. Abayomi Daniel’s leadership, showcases the transformative potential of the tech industry in empowering local communities and driving economic development. This commitment to bridging the tech divide and nurturing talent is a positive step towards building a brighter future for Kabba’s youth.

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