Date: Tuesday, 3rd of October, 2023.


Honorable Seyi Bello, the distinguished member of the Kogi State House of Assembly (KSHA) representing Kabba-Bunu constituency, made a significant announcement during the launch program of the Kogi State University (KSU) Free Jamb initiative. The event, which took place at Kogi State University, Kabba, was attended by the Provost, College of Education Technical in person of Dr. (Mrs.) Olusola Jagboro, Hon. Bode Adeyemi amidst other invited guests and numerous aspiring students from Kabba-Bunu and beyond.

The KSU Free Jamb Launch Program:

The KSU Free Jamb launch program was organized by Kabba Students’ Union in collaboration with Hon. Seyi Bello, who has been a staunch advocate for education and youth empowerment in the region. The primary objective of the program was to provide educational opportunities to deserving students by offering free Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) slots.

Announcement of 1000 Free Jamb Slots:

During his address at the event, Hon. Seyi Bello revealed a generous allocation of 1000 free JAMB slots for students in his constituency, Kabba-Bunu. This announcement was met with resounding applause and appreciation from the attendees, as it promised to alleviate the financial burden many students face when attempting to gain admission into tertiary institutions.

Reserved Slots for KSU Applicants:

In addition to the 1000 free JAMB slots for Kabba-Bunu students, Hon. Seyi Bello also announced the allocation of reserved slots specifically for applicants of Kogi State University (KSU). This move aims to encourage more students to consider Kogi State University, Kabba as their preferred higher education institution and strengthens the bond between the university and the local community.

Commitment to Education:

Hon. Seyi Bello reiterated his commitment to improving access to quality education in Kabba-Bunu and throughout Kogi State. He emphasized that education is a vital tool for personal and community development and pledged to continue supporting initiatives that promote educational opportunities for the youth.


The announcement made by Hon. Seyi Bello during the KSU Free Jamb launch program reflects his dedication to empowering the youth through education. The provision of 1000 free JAMB slots and reserved spaces for KSU applicants is a significant step towards making higher education more accessible and affordable for students in Kabba-Bunu and Kogi State as a whole. This initiative is expected to have a lasting positive impact on the educational landscape of the region.

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