Date: Tuesday, 3rd of October, 2023.


Honorable Omoluabi Bode Adeyemi, a committed representative of the people and Special to Kogi State Governor on Civil Service and Labour Matters came through on his pledge to assist Kabba Students’ Union (KSU) students with Jamb procurement during a program held at Kogi State University, Kabba. His generosity extended beyond this, as he also donated 500 notebooks to new intakes. During his address, he highlighted Governor Yahaya Bello’s remarkable legacy of providing free education across secondary schools in the state.

Hon. Omoluabi Bode Adeyemi’s Support:

Hon. Omoluabi Bode Adeyemi has consistently demonstrated his dedication to education and youth empowerment in his constituency and beyond. His pledge to support KSU students with Jamb procurement showcased his commitment to ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder deserving students from accessing higher education.

Donation of 500 Notebooks:

In addition to aiding with Jamb procurement, Hon. Omoluabi Bode Adeyemi’s benevolence extended to new intakes. He promised to donate 500 notebooks, emphasizing the importance of having the necessary tools for academic success. This act of generosity received warm appreciation from the students and the university community.

Highlighting Governor Yahaya Bello’s Legacy:

During his speech, Hon. Omoluabi Bode Adeyemi made it a point to commend Governor Yahaya Bello for his remarkable legacy of providing free education in secondary schools across the state. He acknowledged the transformative impact of this initiative on the educational landscape of Kogi State and its role in ensuring that every child has access to quality education.


The fulfillment of Hon. Omoluabi Bode Adeyemi’s pledge to support KSU students with Jamb procurement and his donation of 500 notebooks exemplify his commitment to the educational advancement of his constituency. By emphasizing Governor Yahaya Bello’s legacy of free education, he draws attention to the government’s role in creating an enabling environment for students to thrive.

This program serves as a testament to the collaborative efforts of elected representatives and the government in Kogi State to ensure that education remains accessible and affordable for all. The combination of Hon. Omoluabi Bode Adeyemi’s individual support and Governor Yahaya Bello’s policy initiatives underscores the importance of education in building a prosperous future for the state and its youth.

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