The Social Democratic Party SDP Deputy Governorship candidate, Hon Chief Sam Ranti Abenemi, felicitates with fellow Nigerians and kogi state on the occasion of the 63nd independence.

In a statement released Abenemi expresses gratitude to the God Almighty for the journey so far. While making a statement for more citizen-friendly policies, the SDP Deputy Governorship candidate also acknowledged the need for the government to come up with contemporary policies that are capable of addressing the current issues in the nation.

He said: “63 years! If Nigeria were to be human, at 63, it would be expected to have made significant achievements. It’s so disheartening we are still struggling to get it rightly, that we still have to deal with Insecurity, Economic instability, Infrastructural deficiency, Lack of citizens-friendly policies, to mention but a few.”

He says further, “however, heterogeneous society like Nigeria must utilise its diversity by making sure that the people, irrespective of their differences by tribe, religion or culture, must come together as one and form an enviable nation that will serve as a good example to, not only the African countries but entire countries of the world. Our diversity should be our strength that unites us. We must see beyond ethnocentrism.”

As we are already in the electioneering period, Hon Chief Sam Ranti Abenemi, concluded by advocating for a free, fair and credible election. He admonished the electorates to be firm and nationalistic in their choice of leadership. “Election aura is everywhere. As we must do every four (4) years. And as one of the very crucial civic responsibilities, we must ensure that our choice of leadership is not motivated by money, it’s a critical moment. A moment, that if we get right, it will not only impact our lives, the generation yet unborn, when they come and meet everything accordingly, will have reasons to appreciate us, hence, we must be patriotic and see beyond our urgent needs.”

“The labour of our heroes past shall never go in vain”

“We must come together as one and make the nation great again”

“God bless our darling country, Nigeria!🇳🇬


Hon. Chief Sam Ranti Abenemi

October 1st, 2023.

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