Girro Development Association wishes to express their deep appreciation to Governor Yahaya Bello for the significant and commendable decision to elevate the status of the Oba Okedayo of Girro Kiri’s stool from none class to 3rd class. This noteworthy decision reflects a significant milestone in the development and recognition of the traditional leadership within the Girro Kiri community.

The elevation of the Oba Okedayo’s stool to 3rd class signifies not only a profound acknowledgment of the historical and cultural significance of the Girro Kiri community but also a testament to the governor’s commitment to the welfare and empowerment of the region’s traditional leadership structures.

This move by Governor Yahaya Bello has far-reaching implications for the community. It not only enhances the prestige and influence of the Oba Okedayo but also provides an opportunity for increased representation and involvement in matters that affect the community’s development and well-being. The recognition of a 3rd class stool brings with it additional responsibilities and privileges that can be leveraged for the betterment of Girro Kiri.

Furthermore, this action is a testament to the positive partnership and collaboration between the Girro Development Association and the state government under the leadership of Governor Yahaya Bello. It highlights the government’s willingness to listen to the aspirations and needs of local communities and take steps to address them.

As the Girro Kiri community looks forward to a future with an upgraded traditional leadership status, it can anticipate increased opportunities for growth, development, and cultural preservation. The elevation of the Oba Okedayo’s stool to 3rd class is a significant moment in the history of Girro Kiri, and it is sure to be celebrated by the entire community as they look toward a brighter and more empowered future.


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