The grading and upgrading of traditional stools in the region represent a significant step towards enhancing the socio-cultural fabric of the area.

These efforts not only symbolize the commitment of the government to preserving and promoting the rich heritage and traditions of Kabba Bunu but also underscore the importance of local leadership in shaping the destiny of communities. Traditional institutions serve as the bedrock of our culture, and their revitalization is a testament to the governor’s dedication to preserving our heritage.

By investing in the improvement of traditional stools, Governor Yahaya Bello has demonstrated his understanding of the pivotal role that traditional leaders play in maintaining social cohesion, resolving disputes, and fostering unity among the people. This endeavor will undoubtedly empower local leaders to carry out their duties effectively and contribute to the overall development of Kabba Bunu.

Hon Seyi Bello acknowledges that such initiatives do not only improve the lives of the citizens but also promote peace, harmony, and progress in the region. The upgraded traditional stools will provide a platform for more inclusive governance, ensuring that the voices and concerns of the community members are heard and addressed.

In conclusion, Hon Seyi Bello commends Governor Yahaya Bello for his commitment to community development and the preservation of our cultural heritage. The grading and upgrading of traditional stools in Kabba Bunu local government stand as a shining example of proactive governance that seeks to empower local leaders and uplift the lives of the people. These efforts are a testament to the dedication of the government to fostering progress and unity in the region.

Hon VICTOR OLUWASEYI BELLO Member representing KABBA BUNU State House of assembly and Deputy chief whip Kogi State House of assembly

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