Kogi 2023 - The immediate past Kogi state NALDA coordinator. Princess Omowumi Grace Olowohunwa float grassroots mobilisation initiative for Ododo, APC

•Commence door to door campaign

Ahead of the 2023 Guber polls in Kogi state, Team Erudite for Ododo/Oyibo 2023 commenced grassroots mobilisation for her Party the All Progressives Congress in rural communities in Kogi west senatorial district.

The immediate past Kogi state NALDA coordinator, Princess Omowumi Grace Olowohunwa has been sensitizing women in Kogi west Senatorial district said the aim was to mobilize and garner support for the APC Governorship Candidate, Alhaji Usman Ododo, at the 2023 general elections.

Princess Omowumi Grace Olowohunwa a funder and leader of Team Erudite for Ododo/Oyibo 2023 assigned to the strategic Planning Directorate said “We have constituted a team in the seven local government councils of our district that would go round to the rural areas to ensure victory for our party in the forthcoming polls.”

Princess Omowumi Grace Olowohunwa, said “We have commenced a door-to-door campaign for the success of APC Ododo/Oyibo ahead of 2023 Guber elections in the state.”

“Alhaji Usman Ododo wealth of experience is currently needed most to move the country forward.”

“We have the best Candidates in the APC, and we would mobilize our women, Youths and elderly to vote the APC in the coming Nov 11 2023.”

Princess Omowumi Grace Olowohunwa added that she is committed to the victory of Ododo/Oyibo project in the forthcoming Guber elections.

“Ododo/Oyibo are tested and trusted, and their combination offers renewed hope for the citizenry. It will ensure our today and assure us of our tomorrow.

“Alhaji Usman Ododo is a good leader to follow. As he has been doing, we are sure that he will do more for Kogi state,” she said.

Princess Omowumi Grace Olowohunwa said “we have assumed the role of apostles by going out there to preach the voting of our party the APC from top to bottom.”

She added that “We would go out and market our Governorship Candidate Alhaji Usman Ododo across Kogi west senatorial district as that man who has the magic wand to take us to the promised land.”

She appealed to Women and Youths who are yet to collect their PVCs to do that and vote massively for the party in the Nov 11 Guber poll.

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