In a heartwarming and remarkable gesture of support for talent and education, Honorable Juwon Demas Olorunnipa, popularly known as Jumabee, the Senior Special Assistant (SSA) on Entertainment for Kogi West State, has awarded an academic scholarship to Isiaka Isah. This generous act of recognition came after Isiaka Isah emerged victorious in a dancing competition held at Kogi State Polytechnic in Lokoja, Kogi State. The competition was part of the festivities at the “King Obilo Live in Concert Album Listening Party,” which took place on the 25th of August 2023.


The event, organized by King Obilo, was not just an ordinary concert but a platform that showcased and celebrated local talent. It brought together artists, performers, and entertainers from Kogi State and beyond, creating a vibrant atmosphere filled with music, dance, and creativity. As part of the event’s activities, a dancing competition was organized to discover and promote emerging dance talent in the region.

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Isiaka Isah, a young and talented dancer, seized this opportunity to showcase his skills and passion for dance. His energetic and captivating performance caught the attention of both the audience and the event organizers, ultimately earning him the title of the dancing competition champion.

Honorable Jumabee, who has been actively involved in supporting and promoting the entertainment industry in Kogi State, was present at the event. Upon witnessing Isiaka Isah’s outstanding performance, he was deeply moved and inspired by the young dancer’s dedication and talent. Recognizing the potential for greatness in Isiaka, Hon. Jumabee announced on stage that he would personally sponsor Isiaka’s education through an academic scholarship.

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This spontaneous and benevolent act of offering an academic scholarship to Isiaka Isah demonstrates the commitment of Hon. Jumabee to nurturing and supporting young talents in Kogi State. Education is a powerful tool for empowerment, and by providing this scholarship, he is not only honoring Isiaka’s talent but also ensuring that he has the opportunity to further his education and pursue his dreams.

Isiaka Isah and sister got a scholarship sponsored by Jumabee

Isiaka Isah, the dancing champion and scholarship recipient, expressed his gratitude and excitement for this life-changing opportunity. He thanked Hon. Jumabee, King Obilo, and everyone who had supported him along the way. Isiaka’s journey is now marked not only by his dancing prowess but also by the promise of a brighter future through education also he met his elder sister who attend the same school and he (JUMABEE) Decided to extend the same gesture to her too. By the grace of God their written materials, school items, school fees and other essential were all taken care of.

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