Chairman Skyfree Travels believes Dino Melaye has what it takes to lead our state to greatness! With his endorsement, can anyone doubt Melaye’s suitability for the top position?


In a stunning turn of events, renowned business tycoon and Chairman of Skyfree Travels, King Solomon Olowonawu, has given his wholehearted endorsement to Dino Melaye, the charismatic candidate for the number one position in Kogi state. KSO, known for his astute judgment and experience in the business world, firmly believes that Melaye is the most suitable person to ascend to this coveted role.


The CEO, skyfree travels, a visionary entrepreneur with a strong commitment to the betterment of our society, recognized in Melaye a rare combination of leadership qualities and a passion for public service. Sharing his perspective on the matter, KSO emphasized the importance of electing a leader who possesses both a wealth of experience and a sincere desire to uplift the state.

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“Dino Melaye is a dynamic individual who has consistently demonstrated his commitment to the betterment of our state and its people,” he stated. “He is a man of action with a vision for progress, and his dedication to innovation and inclusive governance is refreshing. With his charismatic personality and proven track record, Melaye is well-equipped to bring about the positive change our state needs.”


As Chairman of Skyfree Travels, Olowonawu understands the importance of forward-thinking leadership and investment in sectors crucial to our state’s economy. His endorsement of Melaye highlights the candidate’s comprehensive economic plan that emphasizes job creation, entrepreneurship, and attracting foreign investment. The founder of King Solomon Foundation firmly believes that Melaye’s approach will stimulate growth and drive the state towards prosperity.

With KSO’s unprecedented endorsement, Dino Melaye’s campaign for governorship gains a valuable asset. It solidifies the growing support Melaye has been garnering across the state. He has proven himself to be a charismatic and relatable leader, one who connects with various demographics and unites them under a common vision for progress.

The stage is set, and the people are energized by this unexpected alliance between a prominent business tycoon and a highly promising gubernatorial candidate. As the state eagerly awaits the upcoming election, the message is clear: with Chairman, “King” Solomon Foundation’s endorsement, Dino Melaye’s bid for the number one position has gained significant momentum and set the stage for a thrilling showdown.

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