The media team of Leke Abejide, the candidate of the African Democratic Congress (ADC), has strongly criticized Kogi State Commissioner for Information, Kingsley Femi Fanwo, for his recent comments targeting Abejide. The team accuses Fanwo of suffering from political myopia and analytic bigotry. In their statement, they claim that Fanwo has been resorting to baseless lies to support the government, implying that his actions stem from a personal grudge after losing in the last primary election. They further assert that Fanwo’s lack of intellectual capability has led him to make wild and unsubstantiated allegations against Abejide. The team also highlights a court order granting Abejide protection from arrest, which they believe proves the government’s attempts to frame and attack him.

The statement asserts that Fanwo admits the government’s intention to attack Abejide and acknowledges the state government’s failure to fulfill its responsibility regarding Abejide’s WAEC payment. It further acknowledges Abejide’s resilience in the face of governmental assault and emphasizes that he is the best candidate to repair the damage inflicted on Kogi State. The team points out that Abejide, as an elected two-term member of the House of Representatives with a history of community involvement, possesses wider political acceptance compared to the APC candidate, Usman Ododo. They contend that Abejide’s positive relationships with other political leaders underscore his potential and greatness.

The statement goes on to criticize the APC candidate’s track record of reportedly mistreating Kogi state workers, claiming that Ododo is part of a plan to further damage the state and protect incumbent Governor Yahaya Bello. The team predicts colossal failure for Fanwo and his party in the upcoming election. They assert that Abejide’s campaign offers hope for a better Kogi State, contrasting with the current state of reversed development brought about by those in power. They highlight the paralyzed state of local governments and a lack of accountability within the government.

The team claims that the people of Kogi State have rejected the APC candidate and that the time for choosing a new course is no longer up for debate. They express concern for Fanwo’s future beyond his governmental role and advise him to reflect on the current state of Kogi under Governor Bello. The team believes that the continuous attacks and plot to arrest Abejide will not save the government from the impending consequences that await them in the 2023 election.

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