Chief Babayemi Olorunfemi, the formidable leader of the Babayemi Vanguard, renews his unwavering dedication to the Kogi Agenda project as he pledges unrelenting support for the APC candidates ahead of the November 11th gubernatorial election.

In a display of formidable leadership and unwavering support for the political landscape of Kogi State, Chief Babayemi Olorunfemi, the renowned leader of the influential political group ‘Babayemi Vanguard,’ has reaffirmed his commitment to the APC’s Kogi Agenda project. Stepping up his dedication to his party’s candidates, he vows to secure victory for the Ododo/Joel ticket in the upcoming gubernatorial election.

Chief Olorunfemi has been an active figure in Kogi State politics, consistently advocating for the betterment of the state through his involvement in various political platforms. Recognized for his exceptional leadership qualities, his presence in any political space often translates to tangible progress for the people of Kogi.

With the gubernatorial election scheduled for November 11th fast approaching, Chief Babayemi Olorunfemi has positioned himself as a guiding force, assuring his party, the APC, that the Babayemi Vanguard will provide unyielding support for their candidates. Backed by his influential political group, Chief Olorunfemi reinforces the collective commitment to the Kogi Agenda project and pledges to ensure success for the Ododo/Joel ticket.

Speaking at a recent political gathering attended by thousands of eager supporters, Chief Olorunfemi reiterated the core elements of the Kogi Agenda – a vision aimed at promoting sustainable growth, development, and good governance in the state. He cited the numerous achievements made under the present administration and emphasized the need to maintain continuity by electing candidates who align with its principles.

As an embodiment of effective political strategy and leadership, Chief Olorunfemi’s unwavering commitment to the Kogi Agenda project has garnered widespread support from party members and residents alike. Voters see in him a beacon of hope and progress within the political landscape of Kogi.

Under the exemplary leadership of Chief Babayemi Olorunfemi, the Babayemi Vanguard has played a vital role in mobilizing, promoting, and fostering unity within the ranks of the APC. Known for their influential network and grassroots reach, their efforts have paved the way for unprecedented levels of party support, making them a critical factor in the forthcoming gubernatorial election.

In light of Chief Olorunfemi’s unwavering dedication, the APC candidates, Ododo and Joel, have expressed their gratitude and confidence in the continued support of the Babayemi Vanguard. They believe that their collaboration will be pivotal in securing victory in the upcoming election and fulfilling the promises of the Kogi Agenda project.

As November 11th draws nearer, the anticipation surrounding the Kogi gubernatorial election intensifies. With Chief Olorunfemi and the Babayemi Vanguard at the forefront, their commitment to the Kogi Agenda project stands as a testament to their genuine desire for progress, development, and a brighter future for Kogi State.

In unity, Chief Babayemi Olorunfemi and the Babayemi Vanguard assure the APC of their unrelenting support, determined to secure victory for the Ododo/Joel ticket and propel the Kogi Agenda project towards its rightful place in the history of the state.

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