NURTW Bunu Mother Branch Congratulates Hon. Duro Meseko Over New Appointment, Says It's A Catalyst for APC Victory Ahead Of Guber Poll
NURTW Bunu Mother Branch Congratulates Hon. Duro Meseko Over New Appointment, Says It's A Catalyst for APC Victory Ahead Of Guber Poll

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In a move that sent ripples of excitement to the ranks of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Kogi State, Hon. Meseko has received hearty congratulations from the NURTW Bunu Mother Branch following his recent appointment as the Deputy National Publicity Secretary of his party APC. An appointment which is not only considered as personal achievement for Hon. Meseko but also seen as a significant boon for the APC party, particularly as it preparing for gubernatorial election coming November 11 this year.

The union also appreciate Hon. James Faleke for supporting their son in getting this position.

This potential impact of his appointment cannot be said without a special regards and recognition to President Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu who has been instrumental to the remarkable journey of Excellent leadership and human development within the short period of his political career as the President of Nigeria in may 29, this year.

Hon. Duro Meseko A formal House of Representatives member and a politician with an impressive track record of public service has consistently demonstrated his dedication to the betterment of his community and Nigeria as a whole. His commitment to the ideals of the APC has made him a respected figure within the party says Mr Ajayi Bamidele.

The NURTW Bunu Mother Branch, which is a prominent faction within the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW), holds considerable influence in Bunu, and its support is highly sought after by political candidates. The hearty congratulations extended to Hon. Duro Meseko by this influential branch is a testament to his popularity and acceptance among the people. It signifies that the grassroots are firmly behind his appointment and the APC.

Mr Samuel Ibonire said One of the most critical aspects of any successful political campaign is securing the support of the grassroots. Hon. Duro Meseko’s affiliation with the NURTW Bunu Mother Branch not only solidifies his standing within the community but also provides a valuable channel for reaching out to the masses. The NURTW, being deeply connected to the transport sector, has its finger on the pulse of the people’s daily lives, making it an invaluable partner for political mobilization.

Nevertheless In a time when unity is crucial for the APC, Hon. Duro Meseko’s appointment serves as a unifying force. His ability to bridge gaps within the party and garner support from diverse segments of the population is a testament to his leadership skills. This appointment is a signal that the APC is committed to harnessing the collective strength of its members and supporters, said David Olorunsola.

As the APC gears up for the upcoming election, the appointment of Hon. Duro Meseko is poised to play a pivotal role. His strong ties with the NURTW Bunu Mother Branch and his reputation as a unifying figure make him a formidable asset. The grassroots support he commands could translate into a groundswell of votes for the APC.

Meanwhile, Hon. Duro Meseko’s appointment and the warm congratulations from the NURTW Bunu Mother Branch have created a warm enthusiasm within the APC. This move signifies a strategic step toward victory in the coming election, as it strengthens the party’s grassroots support and presents a united front. As the political landscape continues to evolve, the APC’s prospects are undoubtedly looking brighter with Hon. Duro Meseko in a key position to lead the way.

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