Following the approval for the establishment of State University in Kabba by the Governor of Kogi state, the social media has been on overdrive on the issue with torrents of comments extolling the deft and strategic manoeuvres of the peace loving governor of Kogi State, Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello.

The showers of encomiums have been deafening that critics and naysayers who have made it their stock in trade to question every action of Governor Yahaya Bello especially his loyalty to the Federal Government, are hiding their faces in shame. This latest achievement has clearly overwhelmed them.

The inclusion of Okun as one of the beneficiary axis for state Government’s expansion of quality education in Kogi state is not a mere happenstance but a consequence of the vision and pragmatism of the Governor,

For good reasons, Gov Bello from the inception of his government, made education one of the cardinal pillars of his administration.

Armed with Nelson Mandela’s dictum that
“education is the most powerful weapon to change the world,” Governor Bello intervention in the education sector has not only been sustained but has become one of the most impactful in the state.

Appreciative of the role of education as the first step towards acquiring knowledge, Gov Bello devoted huge resources into the constrution and renovation of thousands of primary school blocks and for the recruitment and training of teachers to educate pupils

Added to that, the Governor has encouraged private sector investment in education through several policies and programmes in the state.

The establishment of a state university in Okunland, will no doubt add zest to the growing academic environment in the state and further instill in the youths the virtues of scholarship and good character.

This is not to talk of other benefits like employment opportunities and boosting of the tourism potential of the state.

There’s no doubt that the Gov Bello administration is clear on its set goals for the betterment of the people of Kogi State using solid education as the foundation.

But the most striking is the assurance that the Governor knows how to go about bringing goodies to the state.

That the state government which in the past has had cause to relocate key strategic institutions in Okunland to other places has now considered Okunland as a first choice for its expansion of quality education in Kogi state, speaks volumes about the confidence Okun People has earned through its Governor.

As the Americans would say, Gov Bello is a leader who knows how to bring to his people the bacon.

Gov Bello is working and to God Be the glory!

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