Nollywood actress, Moyo Lawal, has spoken after her s3x tape surfaced on social media.

The video surfaced on Saturday and has since gone viral which has caused a stir on social media.

While speaking regarding the viral video, the actress said she was not bothered, as she did not know how to engage in battles.

She added that nobody could use S3x tape to “drag me down.”

“So about this matter, right? I wanted to keep quiet because you know I’m not a fighter, neither do I know how to insult.

“However, I made great so many sacrifices. I said no to so many things in my life. Even people who dated me and people who have tried to date me on this app will understand.

“They know how I am when it comes to sex matters. So the last thing you can use to try to drag me down is sex. Nah nah nah!” she said.

Taking to her Instagram page earlier, Moyo shared a photo of herself from a film set, with the caption, “Chameleon actor. Moyobaby, his babe

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