Our attention have been drawn to ill-fated write-up by one Engr. Lawrence Akpa who claimed to be the Cordinator of Igala Vanguard.

We would have preferred not to response to his callous, non-focussed and baseless submision urging our boss and a moving train who is coasting to victory in the forthcoming Kogi state Governorship election to declare support for Social Democratic Party candidate, Murtala Ajaka.

It is unfortunate and satanic for such unknown group who have no base and support at Kogi East Senatorial district to make such claim. Engr. Lawrence Akpa, a running dog of Eastern imperialism feeding under the day to day activities of his political master should be guided that he has nothing to offer politically and should not be seen as a threat to our political journey.

How would he has said that our boss, Admiral Usman Jibrin, a former Chief of Naval Staff of the Federal Republic of Nigeria would run a parallel campaign that will ultimately benefit Usman Ododo of the ruling All Progressives Congress whereas there is no Senatorial district that can produce the Governor from its zone alone without votes from other Senatorial district.

It is a known fact that our boss, Admiral Usman Jibrin have never had any groudges with anyone talkless of killing any political ambition of any one. Everyone is at liberty to participate in politics and should not be hindered by a group or individual.

Our boss, Admiral Usman Jibrin’s love for his people was the demonstration of his sacrifice to facilitate Navy Secondary School to Okura in Igala land for the betterment of the people and such can’t hinder the integrity of Admiral Usman Jibrin because he ventures into politics. One cannot seperate politics from development.

It is unfortunate for any group to asked the former Chief of Naval Staff with high level of integrity, knowledge, wisdom, connection and exposure to withdraw for someone with questionable qualification, hence, want to lead the state. “You cannot give what you don’t have”

Our boss, Admiral Usman Jibrin antecedent are there for all to see. His numerous achievements stand him out among his equals. He has all it takes to lead our beloved Kogi State to a great hight.

We want to use this medium to inform you that our boss, Admiral Usman Jibrin just returned from a tour of 27 districts in Kogi East where he was well received by the people.

The feeling he has for Kogites whom he is aware are suffering made him to signify to be the Governor of Kogi state. The high level of decadence, lack of infrastructure for effective development. Admiral Usman Jibrin has come to rescue Kogites from the maladministration of the ruling party.

Admiral Usman Jibrin has come to rescue Kogites who are faced with high level of kidnapping, political assassination and thuggery. To rescue our youth who go through hell to make both ends meets. To rescue our teeming youths who graduated from university but have nothing to do and the reason our youths are recruited by their political masters as political thugs.

Our boss, Admiral Usman Jibrin when elected Governor of Kogi state would quickly address the pitiable state of Local Government workers and primary school teachers who have turned beggers because they are being paid percentage salaries ranging from 25-50 percent.

We equally want to inform you that 10 political parties have indeed merged with the Accord Party while some are working assiduously to merge with the Accord Party because they believe that our boss, Admiral Usman Jibrin has all it takes to lead Kogi state where development will be seen in all the nooks and crannies of Kogi state. A Kogi state we can all be proud of.

We are not distracted, we are focused and determined to get there. With the support from the good people of Kogi state, come November 11th 2023, our boss, Admiral Usman Jibrin will be elected Governor of Kogi state.

This is to appeal to the good people of Kogi state to come out in their large numbers in the forthcoming Kogi state Governorship election and vote massively for Admiral Usman Jibrin for a new Kogi State worthy of our dream.

God bless Kogi state.

Coalition of Groups For Actualisation of Admiral Usman Jibrin As Kogi State Governor

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