Kogi Guber: PDP March To Victory In Kogi “A Mirage” GYB Buried Kogi PDP And Other Mushroom Parties A Long Time Ago Gbamsblog news

Kogi Guber: PDP March To Victory In Kogi “A Mirage” GYB Buried Kogi PDP And Other Mushroom Parties A Long Time Ago

Gbamsblog newsKogi Guber: PDP March To Victory In Kogi “A Mirage” GYB Buried Kogi PDP And Other Mushroom Parties A Long Time Ago

Abraham Jacob Informs Gov Adeleke, Says Kogi APC Miles Ahead

Governor Ademola Adeleke of Osun State who is the chairman of the National Campaign Council, People’s Democratic Party(PDP) for the Kogi governorship election, upon his expression of confidence that PDP in Kogi State will March to victory ahead of the November 11 Kogi governorship election, has received an unequivocal answer from Abraham Jacob, a party faithful of the All Progressive Congress(APC), and Director General of the “GYB Legacies; OdodOyibo For All Movement”, an independent campaign support group for OdodOyibo’s victory at the Kogi November 11 gubernatorial poll.

The APC stalwart said, “I would like to whisper to the ears of Governor Adeleke that In Kogi State, The PDP is only but a toothless bulldog that can’t bite. The party and other mushroom political parties have all been politically buried by the leader of APC in Kogi State; His Excellency, Alhaji Yahaya Bello, the executive governor of Kogi State. If you doubt this, then you may wish to come and experience another political funeral anniversary of the PDP in Kogi State on the eleventh day of November, 2023.”

According to Abraham, it has become imperative to inform the governor about the political situation of PDP in Kogi State beforehand to enable him have a second thought. The governor’s expression of confidence that the pdp will march to victory into the Lord Lugard House come November 11, is only but a mirage and political hallucination at its peak here in Kogi State. This is because, PDP in Kogi State in the last seven years, has been buried politically.

“It will interest governor Adeleke to know that his Kogi Counterpart popularly known as “White Lion”, has carefully harvested all political assets of the PDP into the ruling All Progressive Congress in the state leaving PDP with liabilities. GYB has with his sterling performances in the state, opened the eyes of PDP field marshals into political lightness. Hence, their confidence leaving the pdp and reasons for joining the APC.

“Gov Adeleke should be bothered to know why upon the crooked emergence of Dino Melaye as gubernatorial candidate of the PDP in Kogi State, the party immediately began experiencing mass exodus of exit of its party faithfuls in the APC” once he can unravel this mystery, there will be need for him to bury that confidence in his expressions”.

PDP occupies no senate seat from Kogi State. In the nine federal constituencies in Kogi State, PDP only has one House of Representative Member. In the 25 members of the Kogi State House of Assembly, PDP has only two seats to herself. In the 21 Council Executive Chairmen, PDP has non same way it has no councillor to herself across the political wards in the state. With this, Governor Adeleke should care to ask “where then is the political strength of the PDP in Kogi State?”.

Abraham went further to state clearly that Governor Yahaya Bello, All Progressive Congress and its gubernatorial candidate, Alhaji Ododo Usman are miles ahead of the PDP and other opposition parties in Kogi State. Hence, the victory at the poll will only be but a consolidation on the already existing democratic legacies of the New Direction Administration in the state.

He counselled the Osun State governor not to allow the embattled Dino Melaye or the PDP of Kogi State to play a fast one on him. According to him, the defeat of the PDP stands nonnegotiable.

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