Prince Shuaibu Audu Abubakar And Governor Yahaya Bello

Kogi Ministerial Nominee: Governor Yahaya Bello; “A Fair Distributor Of Power Who Knows Who Gets What, When And How” – Abraham Jacob

Following the announcement of Prince Shuaibu Audu Abubakar as one of the President Tinubu’s ministerial nominees in the floor of the Nigerian tenth senate by the president of the senate His Excellency, God’swill Akpabio, Abraham Jacob a stalwart of the Kogi State Chapter of the All Progressive Congress and an unapologetic loyalist of the New Direction Administration of Governor Yahaya Bello, has described the Kogi State Governor as “A Fair Distributor Of Power, one who knows who gets what, when and how”.

Abraham noted that with the Governor’s recommendation and further submission of the name of Prince Audu as a minister nominee from Kogi State, bearing in mind that the nominee is from the eastern senatorial district of the state, the Governor has successfully given to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and has finally laid to rest the issue of Igala Agenda in the forthcoming gubernatorial election. This move from the Governor is best described as a Fair Share Of Power and a win-win for all within the state.

Prince Shuaibu Audu Abubakar And Governor Yahaya Bello

According to Abraham, In the political and unifying wisdom of the Governor, he has carefully and fairly placed the three senatorial districts in a win-win position. A case where Kogi East now owns the slot for the minister from Kogi State, Kogi West occupies the Speakership of the House of Assembly, and Kogi Central has brought on board the gubernatorial candidate of the All Progressive Congress, APC, ahead of the November 2023 gubernatorial election. Do not also forget that the immediate former minister from Kogi State hails from Kogi West Senatorial District.

“Governor Yahaya Bello’s choice of recommendation for Prince Audu as the Ministerial Nominee from Kogi State, is one that can be likened to “appreciation and honour done to the late Political icon, Late Prince Abubakar Audu, father to the ministerial Nominee, and a show of gratitude and embrace to the People of the Igala Kingdom by His Excellency, Alhaji Yahaya Bello”.

Speaking further, Abraham Jacob noted that there’s no political distribution of power that can be as fair as this what Governor Yahaya Bello has done.

“Governor Yahaya Bello has never reneged on his words and this nomination is in furtherance to the justification that GYB is truly a man of his words. A leader worthy to be trusted and relied upon. The unifying mechanism of Governor Yahaya and his ability to rewarding loyalty, commitment and patience is topnotch, again through the nomination of Prince Audu, he has proven beyond doubt that he is a unifying leader that remain blind to ethnic, religious or tribal sentiments.

Going forward, Abraham urged those chanting the “Igala Agenda” to bury that mantra and queue behind the true Kogi Agenda that unifies us in peace and in progress rather than hold unto a sectional agenda that will further disunite our already exiting unity.

While describing the political disposition of Prince Audu both at the state and national level as commendable, Abraham Jacob extends his congratulatory message to the ministerial nominee and further charged him on the need to carry Kogites along in the new assignment he is to be given by the President of the federal republic of Nigeria.

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